U.S. Polo Assn. Application & Careers

The United States Polo Association is a high-class clothing brand and retail chain that sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. The brand also sells accessories such as earbuds.

The company was founded in 1890 by the governing body of Polo in the United States- the United States Polo Association, and has remained under the same name since.

The retail chain has licensed department stores in 135 countries across the world. Since 1981, the chain has exceeded retail sales of $1 billion and gained popularity among polo players and fashion icons.

Some of the employee benefits at any of the given retail chains include health and life insurance, employee discounts, paid vacation, and maternity and paternity leave for a term of up to 6 months.

Employees like working here because of the great benefits, friendly staff and managers, and unique customers that walk through the doors. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, and staff aren’t worked too hard and are given breaks and sick leave when they are under the weather.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at United States Polo Association?

In general, employees need to be at least 16 years old to work here. Managers and those who work in higher positions should be older than the minimum age of 16. For executive positions and high managerial positions, employees should be of legal adult age.

United States Polo Association Careers

The U.S Polo Assn. offers many jobs for potential employees to choose from. Some of the most popular ad easily accessible jobs can be found highlighted below.

Store Manager: Store managers are expected to maintain the appearance, cleanliness, and success of the store. They are expected to aid in the hiring and training of new employees, as well as control store expenses within their allocated parameters. They are also required to follow, and give orders when necessary.

Assistant Store Manager: Assistant store managers are required to delegate tasks, help with training new employees, deal with minor issues within the store, and help on the sales floor when needed. Assistant store managers are required to report to both the store manager and senor store manager.

Cashier: The cashier is responsible for taking various forms of payment including debit and credit cards, cash, and store cards in a timely manner. The cashier is also expected to help on the sales floor, answer customer inquiries, and maintain a tidy work area.

Merchandise Specialist: Merchandise specialists are expected to have a keen eye for set up and design, and to create appealing displays within the store. They are required to be up to date with trends and adjust the store appearance to fit said trends. They are expected to do store recovery and maintain the appearance of all displays and sale areas, and be able to work with other employees to get tasks done.

Customer Care Associate: Customer care associates are in charge of dealing with customer problems and inquiries. They are required to maintain professionalism at all times and be friendly and open with customers, despite being under pressure or stress.

Merchandise Stocking Associate: The merchandise stocking associate is expected to stock new shipments and keep the sales floor adequately stocked with merchandise. He or she is also expected to work with other employees and maintain a friendly attitude and clean store. Merchandise stocking associates are sometimes asked to perform duties outside of their field such as handling payments.

Stockroom Supervisor: Stockroom supervisors are responsible for overseeing the stockroom and supervising the shipping and receiving of store merchandise. They are expected to have excellent communication and customer service skills, communicate supply needs, and manage time to maximize store productivity.

Sales Lead: Sales leads are responsible for training cashiers and overseeing the handling of payments. They are responsible for completing, exchanges, returns, and refunds and assisting cashiers with the use of coupons and discounts. They are also expected to assist in other areas of the store as needed.

District Manager: District managers are responsible for the supervision of multiple stores within an area. District managers are expected to make important decisions and train store managers and supervisors. District managers are also responsible for the set-up of new stores and training new employees for said stores. They are expected to look put together and professional when on the job.

Senior Store Manager: The senior store manager is responsible for the overall care and professionalism of the store. He or she is expected to deal with cash shortages and expenses, and network, recruit, hire, and train new employees. The senior store manager is also responsible for assuming leadership over all other employees.

United States Polo Association Application

People who are interested in applying at the store can do so online through the store’s main website, or in person by printing out and bringing in an application to one of the retail outlets.

When applying, hopefuls are encouraged to submit a completed resume that showcases related work experience and customer service experience. It’s a good idea to check for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the application and resume.

When applying online or in store, applicants should make sure that their contact information is up to date and accurate, as is their work experience and education information. Applicants are encouraged to avoid pressing the submit button more than once, as it can slow the system.

Previous retail experience is an asset when applying to any of the above positions. A high school diploma is also an asset, as is college education and customer service experience. Volunteer experience can be an asset on the resume of a successful applicant.

To be adequately prepared for an interview at the store, interviewees should dress in semi-professional attire and remove any facial piercings. Interviewees should be prepared to answer questions about their work experience and background, as well as their availability. All interviewees are encouraged to be honest and friendly.

Facts About United States Polo Association

The United States Polo Association retail outlets have a professional team of staff that are encouraging and friendly towards each other and customers. Problems are dealt with swiftly and in a private manner, as to not create problems between employees. Employees are trained to handle customer requests and complaints in a timely manner and to the customer’s satisfaction.

The store’s annual summer sale is one of the most notorious events that takes place within the store. The summer sale means that summer clearance items are sold for up to 85% off of their original price. This includes all men’s, women’s, and children’s summer clothing and accessories. The sale boosts customers during the summer months and makes the company’s loyal customers happy to purchase clothing there.

The store is known for its high-quality clothing and expensive brand name, both of which are paired with affordable prices. The friendly employees and managers are also widely talked about among customers.

The goal of the retail chain is to provide the governing body of United States Polo a steady source of income and support, while making customer’s and fans happy at the same time. The income that is generated from clothing sales goes towards various educational programs and promotions.