Two Men And A Truck Application & Careers

Two Men and a Truck specially caters to those who are planning to move their homes or businesses. The company provides all the necessary vehicles and personnel in order for families and businessmen to relocate in the fastest possible time.

The company was founded at Lansing, Michigan in the 1980s by Jon and Brig Sober. They started trucking when they were in high school to generate extra income. The business grew with the help of their mother Marry Ellen Sheets.

The company operates over 400 franchises worldwide across four countries. The company has received various citations. One of these citations is a spot in the Top 50 Franchises to Buy by Franchise Business Review for 2018.

Employees enjoy benefits such as performance incentives, paid vacations, paid holidays, and health insurance. The company also provides a company-wide 401(k) plan. Employees also get access to paid trainings.

Two Men and a Truck is credited for having an understanding management team. Also, the company provides plenty of opportunities for travel and career progress. Employees can also expect a fun and friendly working atmosphere.

How old do you have to be to work at Two Men and a Truck?

You have to be at least 18 years old in order to apply for a position. A high school or college diploma may be required, depending on the position you are eyeing.

Two Men and a Truck Careers

Two Men and a Truck aims to produce individuals who are capable of making considerable impact in the society. Employees are groomed to achieve the ultimate goal of rendering services that exceed customer expectations. They are trained to handle varying environments and unexpected situations. Below is a list of possible career opportunities:

Customer Service Representative: The customer service representative is the person that usually receives calls coming from customers who wish to avail of the trucking service. He should be able to properly present the services of the company, and to answer the inquiries of customers accurately.

Driver: The driver is responsible for all the transportation needs of both the move team and the customer. He is responsible for transporting the team to the location of the customer. He is also responsible for bringing all the goods of the customer from one place to another. He also performs manual labor such as lifting and carrying of packages.

Movers: The movers are primarily in charge of all the manual labor in moving the packages of the customer. A mover must have a strong and durable body to be able to perform repeated lifting and carrying of heavy objects. They should also be able to strategize for a fast and seamless transport of all the goods of the customer.

Furniture Installer: The furniture installer ensures the quality of the piece of furniture to be delivered to the customer. He prepares all the necessary documents and inventory files for the quick release of the product. He also supervises the installation of the product.

Dispatch Manager: The dispatch manager is the one in charge of hiring applicants, and grooming them into a move team. He oversees the operations of the move. He is also responsible for educating the move teams through trainings. The dispatch manager is the first one to respond to problems such as damage claims.

Marketing Coordinator: The marketing coordinator must be able to showcase a wide variety of skills and strategies in order to advertise the services of the company effectively. He is also responsible for utilizing social media to keep in touch with the community.

Customer Sales Consultant: The customer sales consultant works together with the marketing coordinator in planning and executing effective marketing strategies to increase the revenue of the company. He assists in the preparation of the necessary documents such as monthly reports. He also assists in researching and gathering statistics for future use by the company.

Marketing Associate: The marketing associate assists in all advertising, recruitment, research, and social activities of the company. He constantly monitors and reports the progress of all implemented marketing strategies. The marketing associate is also responsible for maintaining a network of contacts, especially customers.

Administrative Assistant: The administrative assistant is primarily in charge of organizing and maintaining an organized file system. He is responsible for managing schedules and receivables. He may also perform other office tasks such as answering calls and supporting other teams. The administrative assistant works under the general manager.

Operations Assistant: The operations assistant has the primary role of preparing all the necessary documents for the move team. He should also ensure that every member of the move team is in complete uniform. He may also directly answer any concerns or inquiries coming from customers.

Two Men and a Truck Application

Applicants who are interested for a position may submit all necessary documents online. The human resources department shall then schedule an interview within a week or two upon submission of the documents.

Applicants may submit their documents online. Applicants may go directly to the official company site or use a third party website to file their application.

Applicants must fill out an online application form to start the application process. They must ensure that the information written in the form is accurate and without misspelled words.

A high school diploma is the minimum requirement in applying for lower level positions. A college diploma may be required for higher level positions. Work experience related to the desired position shall also be highlighted in the resume.

As with the resume, applicants must also show in the interview their work experiences related to the desired position. They must constantly keep in touch with the hiring personnel, especially if not called directly.

Facts about Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck promotes a friendly working environment for its employees, and an easy transaction process for its customers. They also have the Grandma Rule, which dictates the way the employees treat the people around them.

In March 2018, the company launched a campaign dedicated to hiring over 1,500 new employees to accommodate an ever-growing number of transactions. Also, the company is planning to expand by establishing even more franchises across the United States.

Two Men and a Truck is famous for being featured in a lot of popular movies. Some movies that feature the products and services of the company include Final Destiny, Masterminds, The Internship, Miami Vice, and Burn after Reading.

Two Men and a Truck periodically conducts the Touch-A-Truck event across their franchises. Children get to interact with real-life vehicles and community officers in this event. This is a charity event intended for scholarships and business grants.

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