Tuesday Morning Application & Careers

Tuesday Morning sells closed-out name brand products at low prices.  Inventory is bought out in bulk, and shipped from warehouses to retail stores nationwide. The company sells furniture, gifts, knick-knacks,craft supplies, gourmet food, bath items, bedding, and other household items. Its retail stores are rented in low rent areas rather than more upscale ones like shopping ones.  This business model keeps overhead low so retail prices may, also, be low.

Lloyd Ross started the business in 1974 when he opened the first warehouse in Dallas, Texas.  The business was incorporated the next year, and now operates 800 retail stores.

Tuesday Morning employs almost 10,000 people.  Employees work in the corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, in the Distribution Centers, and in the retail stores.  More than three-quarters of the workforce is part-time.

The company provides its employees with a benefit package that includes Medical, Dental and Vision insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, Life and Disability insurance, and paid sick and vacation leave.  The company matches charitable giving up to one hundred dollars.

People like working at Tuesday Morning because of the generous benefit package for full-time employees. Part-time workers appreciate the flexible hours. Employees, also, appreciate the opportunity of being able to buy at low cost the many products that are sold at the individual stores.

How old do you have to be to work at Tuesday Morning? 

The minimum age to work for the company is eighteen years old.  Retail workers must be at least eighteen.  Some jobs, for example Fork Lift Driver, have a minimum age of twenty-one.

Tuesday Morning Careers 

Careers at the company are at the retail or store locations, at the corporate headquarters in Dallas, and at the several Distribution Centers or warehouses.  The retail locations employ mostly part-time sales associates. The business model is based on maintaining a low overhead at the retail locations. Some of the most common careers at the company are described below.  

Store Associate:  The Store Associate is a part-time entry level job.  The Store Associate works in the retail locations, and assists customers. The Store Associate makes sure that the inventory is organized on the shelf, and re-stocked, if necessary.  This person must be able to answer customer questions about the store products, and transact sales.

Assistant Store Manager:  The Assistant Store Manager works part-time at the retail locations. The Assistant Store Manager supervises the Store Associates, and assists customers at the retail locations. The Store Manager delegates jobs to the Assistant Store Manager as needed.

Store Manager:  The Store Manager is a full-time position.  The Store Manager is responsible for the daily operation of the retail location.  The Store Manager tracks inventory, handles customer complaints, and is responsible for the supervision of all staff at the retail location. The Store Manager hires the Store Associates and Assistant Managers. This person, also, disciplines and fires people in these subordinate positions. This job requires prior retail experience, and usually a college degree in business or a related field.

Janitor:  Janitor is a full-time position at the Distribution Centers.  The Janitor performs basic housekeeping at the warehouse.  The Janitor is responsible for making sure common areas of the building are free of trash, and sanitary.  The job may require some prior experience, but on site training is a possibility.

Loss Prevention Officer:  The Loss Prevention Officer protects inventory from theft and loss.  This job is a full-time position at the Distribution Centers.  The Loss Prevention Officer maintains inventory logs, and conducts surveillance of the building. Some Loss Prevention Officers have a background in law enforcement or security guard training.

Customer Service Representative:  The Customer Service Representative works full-time at the Distribution Centers.  The Customer Service Representative is responsible for handling customer complaints from the the retail locations. The Customer Service Representative responds to and tracks all the complaints coming from the retail locations, and provides reports on the outcomes to corporate.

Facilities Maintenance Technician:  The Facilities Maintenance Technician provides electrical, hvac, carpentry, and other skilled repair work at the Distribution Centers.  This job requires technical training, and prior experience.  It is a full-time job.

Yard Driver: The Yard Driver drives inventory from the Distribution Centers to retail locations.  This job requires a Class A CDL.  The Yard Driver must know how to drive a tractor-trailer, and is responsible for the safe transportation of inventory.  It is a full-time job.

Payroll Tax and Shared Services Analyst: The Payroll Tax and Shared Services Analyst does the bookkeeping for taxes associated with employment taxes. This is a full-time job that requires prior education and experience in accounting. The Payroll Tax and Shared Services Analyst must be familiar with the computer programs related to maintaining employment payroll taxes, and is responsible for generating financial reports.

Materials Handler/Forklift Driver: The Materials Handler/Forklift Driver is a full-time job at the Distribution Centers.  The Materials Handler/Forklift Driver is responsible for the movement of inventory to and from trucks and the floor of the warehouse.  The Materials Handler/Forklift driver must know how to safely move inventory from place to place.

Tuesday Morning Application 

Jobs are posted by location, category, hours, and age of posting on the website.  There is a box for management and entry level jobs, but the drag down boxes include all the same information. The website gives the option of applying on the site or by using LinkedIn.  An account must be created before there is access to the online application.

In store applications are accepted at the retail locations, but the online applications are preferred.  All corporate and Distribution Center jobs are filled by way of the online applications.

The job descriptions are detailed about the requirements for each position.  The applicant should be careful that the application is completely filled out, and necessary experience or education is not left out.

A resume and an account on LinkedIn is helpful for those seeking management or corporate jobs.  The resume is not a substitute for a completely filled out application.  Sales Associates need to have a resume.

The General Manager conducts the interview for entry level sales associates. Interviewees should be personable, and should have read the job descriptions and requirements posted on the website.

Things to Know About Tuesday Morning 

Tuesday Morning sells high end products at low cost.  The culture is one of low overhead with the commitment to fun and customer satisfaction.  The business encourages its employees to train and grow with the business.

The company has survived recent economic downturns by keeping low retail overheads. The new corporate leadership is working to revitalize the brand in markets outside of Dallas where it is best known.

The company is known for its innovative retail business that sells wholesale to its own chain of retail stores. The newest Distribution Center was opened in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The company donates its excess inventory to help charitable groups in the community. It,also, is part of a partnership with an organization called Good360 that gets other businesses to donate their excess inventory to community charities. The company matches its employees’ charitable giving up to hundred dollars.