TCBY Application & Careers

TCBY stands for The Country’s Best Yogurt, a chain of frozen yogurt stores in America, which is also considered to be one of the largest soft-serve fro-yo retailers in the nation.

The first store was opened by Frank D. Hickingbotham in 1981, in Arkansas. By 1984 he managed to expand to over 100 branches, and this was when he changed the name to This Can’t Be Yogurt.

A competitor, I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt, soon filed a lawsuit, forcing the company to change its name to the initials TCBY and eventually, its current name.

The company soon outgrew the stigma of the lawsuit and proved that it can hold its ground despite the name change. It is through this success that it is capable of providing employees with comprehensive benefits such as general medical coverage, vision and dental plans, bonus programs, salary raise, and 401(k) retirement plans.

Employees also get membership access to the Public Service Credit Union, holiday pay, limited benefit cancer insurance, and flexible spending accounts for dependent care expenses.

How old do you have to be to work at TCBY?

The minimum age requirement for applicants is 18 years old. If they pass the screening and interview, they will work during the following schedules: 10 AM to 9 PM (Monday to Saturday), and 11 AM to 6 PM (Sunday).

TCBY Careers

There are many jobs available at the company right now. Browse the job descriptions below for you to identify which one befits your skills and qualifications.

Store Manager

The store manager shall manage all aspects of the store, especially its daily operations. He shall develop marketing strategies to drive sales and achieve profit goals. As manager he shall monitor the performance of his staff and ensure they adhere to company policies.

Yogurt Machine Maintenance

The maintenance personnel shall regularly inspect the yogurt machine, checking and remedying any defects. He must also keep the machine running efficiently and suggest any replacements, as he sees fit. The ideal candidate must not only be physically fit, but he must also possess a vehicle and a driver’s license.

Hourly Shift Manager

To ensure that the staff does his assigned job as scheduled, the Shift Manager shall see to it that each staff member has a job to do, and that his job is done efficiently. The Shift Manager must be a hardworking individual, a strong leader, and an excellent communicator.


The Cashier shall man the cash register and handle money transactions, ensuring that customers get the exact change. Dependable, quick, and friendly, the cashier checks the balance of her drawer and provides excellent customer service.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager shall help the general manager run the store. In the absence of the manager, he will be the main go-to person of team members for customer inquiries and complaints. During job interviews, the assistant manager shall sit in and screen job applicants.

Customer Service Representative

The CSR is in charge of attending to client needs and receiving their calls promptly. They shall handle questions regarding products, orders, deliveries, and at times, complaints. When the complaint is difficult to handle, he shall redirect the customer to the management hotline.


The cook shall prepare the items on the menu, following various yogurt recipes prescribed by the company. He also makes sure his work area is regularly stocked with supplies and ingredients. When necessary, the cook may even serve yogurt to customers.

Web Content Manager

The Web Content Manager is in charge of creating content for TCBY’s official website. He shall collaborate with the graphic and layout designer in uploading photos on the site and writing the perfect copy for each product. The web content manager must be proficient in English. Experience in advertising is a plus.

Social Media Content Manager

The social media content manager, on the other hand, shall ensure all social media accounts of TCBY are attended and well-maintained. He regularly posts promos, discounts, and events on Facebook and Twitter. He also promptly responds to online queries and monitors social media traffic and customer following.

District Manager

The district manager shall be in charge of supervising several store locations. He may be given around 10 store locations to visit. As such, he must be able to travel from one location to another. He shall also work in tandem with Store Managers when it comes to targeting maximum profitability.

TCBY Application

To start building your applicant profile, fill out the online form that’s available on the company’s employment webpage. The application form can be submitted via the website, or in person. However, the form should be manually filled up using a computer.

Applicants should bring their resumes if they opt to apply in person. Each franchise operates as an independent store, hence, standards and requirements for every application may differ.

Some stores may also require applicants to submit a cover letter. Prepare a copy of such document and dress up your best, so at least to prepare for an on-the-spot interview.

Resumes must be neat, simple, and professional-looking. Make sure you highlight your best skills and certifications. Your objective for applying must also be clear in the CV.

Interviews are not too formal. They also do not take long. You will be asked basic questions such as why you want to work for them, or what you can contribute to the company. It’s best to research the background of TCBY.

Things to Know about TCBY

At TCBY, the work is not demanding nor exhausting. Everybody is encouraged to feel positive each day. The management also keeps a positive relationship towards its employees, helping them grow and develop all throughout their stay in the store.

The company also provides a fun and hip atmosphere which matches their desserts. In keeping up with the seasons and trends, they recently introduced the pink lemonade sorbet, a refreshing and juicy fro-yo dessert.

TCBY likewise promotes healthy eating. Its Super Froyo variant is a low-fat dessert rich in fiber and protein. It also has 7 types of live and active cultures.

The company puts premium on healthier alternatives. One of the ways it advocated healthy eating to customers is the release of its first ever full plant-based, dairy-free vanilla fro-yo.

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