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Ice cream shops provide the customers with tasty treats to entice any family to go there while out on the town. The idea of ice cream, especially in the warm summer months, is a staple in our society. As a result, these are a common place for families or anyone who just wants a nice icy and tasty treat. It is the most delicious way to cool off or end a meal.

The beautiful thing about a job in an industry like this one is that for most positions, there is no requirement for education. Even better, you can gain employment in one of these shops when you are 16. This means high school students can gain valuable workplace experience while they earn money for college or their first car or whatever else they need the money for.

There are opportunities with flexible hours in this type of industry, which is beneficial for students or people looking for a second job. During the summer months, seasonal employment opens up to provide more jobs when the business is at its busiest. There are jobs for people of all talents here in a shop like this.

This is a great field to get into if you are able to, especially for a person looking for their first job.

Job Opportunities

Here are some opportunities available in a field like this:

Cashier: They will greet the customers, and take their orders. The cashier receives payment and then makes sure that the customer’s order is filled properly. If there is take out, they will make sure the items are bagged up for safe travels. The cashier is the person who deals the most with customers, and therefore requires the most customer service skills. It is important to always be friendly and smiling in this position. They are in charge of ensuring the dining area and their counter is cleaned when there is downtime to ensure the facility always looks clean to the customers. The cashier makes around $7 per hour.

Scooper: After the cashier takes your order, the scooper steps in to fills it. They are responsible for making sure that the area is loaded with enough of their product so that they can fill orders quickly and efficiently. They must also be sure the area is properly cleaned at all times. This is for safety (melted ice cream can get slippery) and so that it looks clean for the customers. They must also make sure to follow the orders properly so that they can keep items that a guest is allergic to away from the order. You can obtain this position if you are 16. The average hourly pay for a scooper is about $8.

Shift Leader: They are just under managers. To be a shift leader, you must be at least 18 years old. A shift leader is responsible for managing the money during the shift and is in charge of their staff during their shift if the manager is not around. No higher education is required for this position and can be obtained by working your way up from an entry level position and excelling at it. A shift manager helps out when needed. They will help with training and help with the operations of their facility.  This position can pay about $12-$15 an hour.

Manager: The manager is the big boss of the store. They manage the entire staff and ensure that the business is run efficiently. They will hire and fire employees as necessary, and are responsible for doing job interviews and employee evaluations. They run the day-to-day operations of the facility, and often report back to the owners to keep everyone informed. They schedule employees and fill in when necessary. To obtain a position like this, you will have to have at least a high school diploma and previous experience as a manager. A college degree is preferred, however. This job often does get benefits like paid vacation. A manager can expect to earn around $31,000-$47,000 yearly.

Job Outlook

The job growth in this field is expected to grow at the national average, which is around 11%. This is on account of the rotating doors of jobs since most of the employees move onto other careers once they can more experience. This is also as a result of seasonal employment offering more jobs during busy times of years.


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