Target Interview Questions

target ApplicationYou stopped by your local Target and filled out an application, stapled your resume to it.  A few days later to your glee you receive a phone call – you have an interview scheduled!  So what can you do to prepare yourself?

Top Target Interview Questions

Below Target interview questions will be outlined and provided with tips on how to respond:

Why do you want to work at Target? Most likely, the interviewer wants to see how much you know about the company culture, and if you can emphasize Target’s values and vision.  Do your research about Target, and this will be a question for you to shine.

What are your career goals if hired at Target? This question is designed to test your ambition and future planning skills. Be realistic in your answer and state exactly what you plan to do with the position you’re being interviewed for.

How will you assist in increasing store goals? The interviewer is testing to see whether or not you can add value to the Target team.  Discuss the role of your position in responding to this question, exhibit how you will help the store in its entirety function.

What would you do if you saw a fellow employee stealing?  The interviewer wants to know about your integrity and how you handle extreme situations.  Do not say ignore it like nothing happened.  Say you would discreetly speak to a manager.

What do you know about the Target Corporation? Once again this is where research is crucial.  If you do your research about a company, you will be able to find what you like about the company.  This is your chance to stand out by spitting out facts related to your position.

What kind of salary do you need? A battle can ensue with this question.  The best way to respond is something along the lines of that is a hard question, what is the salary range for my position? You will more than likely surprise the interviewer with this one.

Do you have any questions to ask us? Never ask about your salary, vacation days, etc.  Make sure you do have questions about the position.  A question I found very suitable is to ask who is the best at my position and why would you say they were the best?

Why should Target hire you? This is where you get the opportunity to relate your skills and experience to the job itself.  Show confidence in your ability to complete the job.  This is a great opportunity to use examples of team work.

If you keep these tips in mind, you are sure to nail your interview and get a call to discuss salary.

Target Interview Tips

Bring a hard copy of your resume to the interviewer.  This will give the interviewer a chance to look over your skills in person before asking any questions.  It also gives you time to judge the interviewer and gage what they will be expecting.

Send a thank you letter after interview.  This will help make you stand out after your interview.  It shows you really want to work at Target.  It also displays your generosity and taking initiative.  You went out of your way to contact them regardless of their choice.  This will surely stick out in their minds.

Don’t forget your evaluating them too.  Interviews go both ways.  Just as they are evaluating you, you are evaluating Target.  This is why it is crucial to have questions to ask.  You don’t want to be on your first day on the job and hate it because you did not ask questions about specific subjects.

Following Target Interview Questions tips, you are one step closer to getting the job.  The next is simply showing up to the interview!  Prepare yourself and surely you will get the position you want!