Subway Interview Questions

Subway ApplicationYou walk into your favorite Subway restaurant and notice they’re hiring, you speak to a manager and he hands you an application.  You fill it out, e-mail your resume – and then you get a phone call for an interview!  But now, what do you do to prepare for this interview?

Top Subway Interview Questions

Below are typical Subway interview questions, and tips on how to answer them:

Tell me about yourself.  The interviewer wants to see who you are and how this can relate the Subway work environment.  Do not give a detailed a report of your life.  They are looking to see if you fit into the company culture.

When are you available?  The interviewer wants to see how often you are available, since Subway are open nights and weekends.  This one is easy, you know your own schedule.

What do you like to see in a work environment? In this question you would want to stress teamwork.  Subway is all about teamwork to get the restaurant working in an efficient fashion.  Do your research.

Why should Subway hire you? Explain what attributes you can bring to the Subway team and to the Subway culture. They are judging whether you will be able to bring value to the team.

The interviewer explains that at Subway, people generally work independently. Are you comfortable with that?  This question is pretty much point blank.  At Subway one person will typically make the food and utilize the cash register for the same customer.  Be honest and let them know if you are comfortable or not working independently.

How do you perform under pressure?  The interviewer wants to see if you will rise to the occasion or crumble.  In your response let them know if you can handle a busy lunch time.  Subway can be very fast paced.

Have you ever worked in fast food before? This one is obvious.  If you have, speak about your experience in fast food. If you haven’t, let them know you are more than confident in your ability to complete tasks and exceed their expectations.

What would you do if you saw an employee stealing food?  This is a test of your values.  The best way to deal with this question is to be true to your character.  Whatever you do, do not say you will start any kind of conflict.

These are very typical Subway interview questions, and if you follow these guidelines, you will succeed in getting a position at Subway.

Subway Interview Tips

Bring your resume.  Subway interviewers always want to look at a hard copy of your resume to see if you have experience in the fast food industry.  This will make it easy on the interviewer.

Dress for success.  Please do not show up to your Subway interview in jeans and a baggy shirt. Dress appropriately. Dress for the position you want.

Be concise in your answers.  Interviewers do not want long, drawn out answers.  They want answers that are straight to the point.  The more concise you are, the better.

If you follow these Subway interview tips, you are going to stand out head and shoulders above everyone else.  Subway is a great job and is good to add to your resume for experience.  Good luck in your interview!