Subaru Application & Careers


Subaru is one of the leading automobile manufacturers recognized worldwide. The company offers both diesel-powered and electric-powered vehicles. Signature models are known for their drive-train and boxer engine layouts. In-vehicle amenities vary depending on the customer’s needs.

Fuji Heavy Industries initially manufactured aircrafts and scooters. In 1953, Subaru was established as its automobile manufacturing branch. It was named after The Seven Sisters star cluster. By 2012, it has become one of the biggest car manufacturers worldwide.

Subaru released an eco-friendly electric-powered vehicle in 2006. The company also supports environmental advocacies in waste reduction and recycling. SIA received an award from USEPA’s WasteWise Program in 2006. New models are PZEV or LEV2 certified.

Employees enjoy career growth and a supportive environment. They also enjoy days off, holidays and vacations. The company offers medical and disability insurance. Retirement plans are also offered on a profit-sharing basis.

How old do you have to be to work at Subaru?

The age requirement varies depending on the position applied for. Additionally, Subaru follows an equal employment opportunity policy. Anyone may apply regardless of race, religion or sex. This aims to protect all employees from discrimination.

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