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The automotive industry is always a booming one. Technology in a field like this is constantly growing into more advanced version, so it is always evolving require more training and more jobs. In addition to that, there are so many options for people who are looking to gain a footing in the automotive careers. This goes from sales to mechanics to everything in between. There is so much for a person on this career path.

This field also can include someone who can sell parts, not just the cars. This means there are many options for someone of all different skills and talents. Some of these jobs will require extensive and continual training, while others just require a drive to work hard. The versatility that a person can find in this career type makes it a great option for most people

You will find that the automotive industry is one of the most important in the world. With most people having automobiles, this means that there will always be a need for employees in a type of business like this. As long as everyone has a car, they will need mechanics. This holds true for sales people and engineers to make better products.

Job Opportunities

With all that said, here are some options if this is a field you are interested in working in:

Mechanics and Technicians: There are very different types that can work in a field like this. Some will be focused on changing tires and tire rotations while others do oil changes and any other car maintenance. These positions often require training; mechanics require more training than technicians. You can make an average of $16 per hour at this position.

Sales: For people to have cars there needs to be people to sell them. Being a sales person does not just have to be about selling them, you can also sell the parts and services for these automobiles. For a type of job similar to this, you do not need to have any real training other than having knowledge about the products. You will also need to have great customer service skills to properly do this job. The hourly wage for this position can be anywhere around $15-$19.

Manufacturing: There needs to be people out on the lines actually making products to sell. Whether you are on the assembly line making cars or their parts, these are obviously products needed for this industry. This job requires a person to have basic skills in technology or robotics to get into this career path. You can expect to get about $19-$25 an hour for this job.

Body Work: Body work is a bit different than being a mechanic or auto technician. It specializes on paint and other cosmetic work needed for the body of the automobile. Specialty training in this field is required for employment at an accredited automotive technical school. Average hourly pay in this job is $16-$20.

Engineering/Design: You will need to go to school for this position. Engineers and designers are not just responsible for the look and driving ability of product themselves, but also for the parts that go into them. Without these people, the technology and look of these cars would never change. They are constantly coming up with new and different ways to improve the cars we drive today, whether it is fuel efficiency or all the computer capabilities within the cars these days. The yearly salary in this field is anywhere around $47,000 to $101,000 depending on training and years in the field.

Job Outlook

It is estimated that this industry will grow at about a 17% growth until 2020, which can be translated to about 120,000 jobs. This field always has openings to accommodate the high demand of the product. Automobiles are constantly being sold, now at a higher rate than before. This means that there is a higher need for someone to sell the cars. More cars being sold, means that there needs to be more people in manufacturing them.

Since December 2013, there has been an increase of about 24% in employment. This is as a result of about 16 million in sales. The fact is, this industry is important and gives job security because everyone needs cars to go about their daily lives. With the demand growing, this business will be continually looking for employees.

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