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Staffmark stands out from the crowd as a human resources employment agency with a reputation rich with strong values and passion for their trade.  Since 1970, the company has been pairing talented employees with outstanding organizations to build lasting partnerships.  They have been praised for their award winning services, and are committed to finding the best solutions for their clients.

As one of the largest human resources firms in the market today, the agency is able to consistently place thousands of jobs on a weekly basis.  Whether you are a company looking to hire, or an individual looking for employment, Staffmark is trained to match the most compatible and qualified candidates into fulfilling professional positions.

Lesa J. Francis currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of the company.  She brings a vast amount of experience to the table, and hopes to continue fostering growth through various improvement initiatives.  Her dedication to leadership and community involvement is reflected in the multiple enrichments programs that have been established by Staffmark during her time with the company.

With offices across the country, they make the process of finding a job (or new employees) painless.  In each of their offices you are able to connect with highly trained professionals ready to assist in helping you reach your goals.  As job hunting can sometimes seem overwhelming, it is comforting to know you have the option to work side by side with a dedicated client representative.  Staffmark works to set themselves apart as leaders in their industry, and continues to enhance their exemplary performance standards throughout the company.

Staffmark Interview Questions

What suggestions have you made to your previous boss? Even if your suggestions weren’t taken into consideration, or even if they had outcomes you didn’t perceive, this is a chance to explain what steps you have taken to improve a situation that you found difficult. No matter how many amazing qualities you have, there will be at least one thing about yourself that can be portrayed as a flaw in the correct situation, and so in order for you to do your best, you may have felt that the situation, rather than yourself, needed to be corrected. For this question, emphasize what you had hoped the benefits for the suggestion would be, both for yourself and for the others involved in the previous situation, and, if applicable, what mistakes you overlooked by making the suggestion, and how you learned from the experience.

What is your dream job? Explain what your ultimate career goal is, and how this job would benefit you on this path. If you don’t know what you want to accomplish later in life, or if you don’t even plan on ever having a long-term goal, emphasize what you could learn from this job to better yourself as a person, based on traits you have admired in others in the past.

What have you found to be disappointing in previous employment? This is another question where you should focus on what steps you took to resolve the situation, rather than the disappointment itself. Mention what it was that could have been better in your previous position, but also offer what actions you made or could have made to be more successful, or to make the company more successful.

Why do you want to work for this company? Obviously, you need to make money to support yourself and/or your family. But what the employer is looking by asking this question is simply positivity. This is a great opportunity to explain why you think you would be beneficial to this company, as well as how working for the organization may help with your long-term career goals. Show the employer that you are easy to work with by being eager to please.

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