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You can hardly walk down the mall or shopping plaza without coming across any number of the popular specialty food places. The aromas of their goods and the way they look so good in the window, shoppers can’t help themselves when they could be starved from all that shopping. These types of shops are opening all over, and they seem to be more popular than ever.

A great thing about gaining employment in this field is that they often follow the same hours as the retail industry. This means that they have flexible hours, so this can be perfect for those people who are looking for second jobs or those students who are trying to work around a class schedule. This also means that people do not need much experience in most of the positions this field offers.

There are different options for people of various skills in this industry. Whether you are good in the back room backing or excellent with customers, you can find something for you here. In addition to that, there is not much experience or education required to work here. This means a first time job seeker or a high school student might be able to find employment within this industry.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that you can find in this industry:

Cashier: A cashier is the person you see working at the counter. They must greet the customers as they approach the counter, or get their attention as they pass by. They might hand out free samples to try and get business. When a customer does want to place an order, they will take the order and receive payment for it. When the order it complete, they will often be the ones to hand it to their customers. The cashier must have excellent customer service skills. They should also be aware of any payment policies that their company might have. A cashier should have an excellent knowledge of the products on their menu so that they can answer any questions. This is especially important if the products contain a common allergen, like gluten or nuts. There is no education level required to obtain this type of position, and depending on which company you can start here at the age of 16. Typically a cashier will earn their state’s minimum wage, from $7-$10 per hour.

Baker/Food Prep: The main attraction of these types of stores is the baked goods obtained from them. This is all thanks to the baker or food preparation staff member. They will spend their day in the kitchen, preparing items to be sure the counter does not run out of the products that they need. They are responsible for following all recipes and guidelines in their kitchen. This is to be sure that all safety regulations are being followed. This is also to ensure that all items are crafted in accordance to company policy. This means a uniformity in the items that every store in the franchise, so they all taste the same. They might be required to do heavy lifting and often spend more of their day on their feet in a hot kitchen. There is no education level required for this position, but a high school diploma or equivalent is preferred. They can make around $10 per hour.

Team Leader: A team leader is similar to a “shift supervisor” position in other industries. They are in charge of running the shift if a manager is not present. The team leader is not able to discipline, fire or hire employees. They will perform tasks, usually as a cashier but will work wherever there is extra help needed. They might also be tasked with closing or opening the store, if a manager is not around. They will often be promoted to manager if they do well in their position. There is no education level required but it is preferred that a team leader has completed high school. A team leader can make an average of $10 per hour.

Manager: A manager is responsible for running the day to day operations. They are in charge of hiring and training all new employees. They are tasked with making sure that all employees know how to conduct themselves in accordance with the company’s policies. They also deal with disciplining employees and firing them, as necessary. They should be comfortable with all positions associated with their company so that the manager can fill in wherever they may be needed if they find themselves short staffed. They are tasked with scheduling employees. Managers will keep track of the inventory to ensure that  they won’t run out of supplies in their shop. They must have excellent customer service skills in order to deal with people who are dissatisfied with their services. A manager must have a high school diploma, and it is preferred that a manager has some college experience or a college degree. Very often, a manager has worked their way up the ladder from an entry level position. A manager can earn $14 per hour.

Job Outlook

The current job growth in this industry is estimated to be around 11%. This is right on target with most other industries across the nation. This can be as a result of openings and closings during the holidays when seasonal employment begins and ends. This might also be as a result of first time job seekers leaving this industry after gaining experience, and moving onto better paying careers.

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