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Erik Philip-Sorensen founded Securitas, a security service provider, in 1934. The India branch is a division of the larger Securitas Group, which reaches a global network, and has been a leading private protection agency for the nation’s businesses and people for over twenty years. The company prides itself on integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness, hoping to bring a personal level of care and comfort to all of their clientele.

The security provider had established itself in Europe throughout the 1990’s. The company’s natural expansion through networking allowed for the partnership with Walsons in India. The merging of the formerly European based, successful company with the leadership savvy of Walsons’ owner Arjun Walia, allowed for the international growth and rebranding of the company that now operates in India as Securitas.

Using the premise of their three key values, the company focuses their business model on providing customers an efficient, customizable protective service. Services offered are as different as personal, executive security to looking out for large corporation buildings, such as a bank. The hired hands of the company are trained in specialties including risk management and quick response teams.

Every security guard placed on a job by Securitas has completed a lengthy training session in accordance with the PSARA regulations. Training is tailored to strengthen specific skill sets to meet the various needs of clients. Utilizing a modern training academy and progressive resources, potential guards are trained through formal methods, experimental simulations, and personal coaching. Regular progress reports and assessments assure the trainees’ success.

Securitas Interview Questions

Why do you want to change jobs? Think about the things that you accomplished in your last job and make those the focus of the conversation. Don’t talk too much about your previous employer, the interview is about you. Always try to reinforce your results and reliability and end by saying something like, “I feel that I’m ready for a new challenge”.

How do you believe you would benefit our company? You should be very well prepared for this question as it gives you the opportunity to really sell yourself and tell the interviewer why they ought to hire you. This is your chance to shine, make sure you emphasise your skills and experience and how they would suit the organisation.

What would your requisites be if you were interviewing candidates for this position? It is important to emphasise the skills, qualities and experience that you have, but in a way that doesn’t come across as bragging. You could talk about the importance of education, of having goals etc. to show that you are keen to improve. This is an opportunity to match your C.V with the job on offer.

Would you say that you are successful? The answer to this question should always be yes. You should explain why but try to be reasonably brief, as a long-winded answer can make you come across as being arrogant. Describe to the interviewer some of the professional goals that you set yourself and how you managed to achieve them.

Are you currently looking at other opportunities? Answer the question honestly but try to be brief. You need to get the conversation back to the company you are being interviewed by and talk enthusiastically about how keen you are to work with the organisation. Then you can elaborate on how you feel you would add value to their team.

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