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Sears is short for Sears, Roebuck, and Company. It is a chain of department stores in the US, focusing on beddings, furniture, electronics, houseware, tools, appliances, jewelry, beauty products, footwear, and clothing.

The company was established by Richard Warren Sears, who hailed from an affluent family. He began selling watches in 1886, then added jewelry and other merchandise to his goods.

Sears offers welfare and pension benefits to its employees. They also cover employees’ health insurance contributions sans tax. Sears likewise provides vision and dental plans, plus temporary and long-term disability insurance.

What employees love the most about Sears is the fun working environment. They have awesome colleagues and flexible working schedules. The tasks are easy to understand and accomplish.

How old do you have to be to work at Sears

Applicants have to be at least 16 years old to work at Sears. However, they need to be 18 years old before they could work in the automotive center, or before they could be given heavy tasks.

Sears Careers

Customer Service for Apparel

Customer service prioritizes quality customer care and selling. One should know the services, locations, and stores of Sears. This person is also tasked to greet and talk amiably to customers and address their concerns, and must possess strong marketing techniques to meet the daily goals of the department.

In Home Design Sales Consultant

This is a full-time position and is required to travel around an area and check out various home products. The person for this position must know how to use the computer and should possess a valid driver’s license. A consultant is expected to work 5 days a week, although one could also be called to a special task on weekends.

Store Manager in Training

Aside from developing action plans, the store manager in training exemplifies leadership and sets clear expectations for the staff. He knows client focused strategies and executes them with ease. He is also in charge of recruiting, hiring, and evaluating the staff. More importantly, he should actively monitor and address sales issues, customer satisfaction, and other store operations.

Material Handler

The job responsibilities of a material handler include meeting productivity and unit quality metrics, submitting reports on time, loading customer merchandise, performing housekeeping tasks, and cross-training, if necessary. He must be able to drive a truck and speak English well. Basic concepts in math are also required.

Handyman Service Technician

The technician works with the District Production Manager in providing, promoting, identifying, establishing, and delivering quality and prompt customer service. The position requires applicants with excellent communication and advanced troubleshooting skills. He must attend to an average of 56 appointments in a month. He must be physically fit so he could travel around a designated area.

Warehouse Associate

A warehouse associate is expected to supervise the warehouse and ship goods. He assists in the delivery, loading, and unloading of goods, and ensures that designated stores have stocks. He is in charge of the maintenance of the warehouse, complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. He also receives shipments from vendors and compiles them for monthly inventory.

Facilities Maintenance Technician

A facilities maintenance technician maintains plumbing and HVAC needs and ensures that all communication and electrical systems are functioning well. He regularly checks interior and exterior systems and performs preventive maintenance. He must be knowledgeable in lighting, energy consumption, power, and alarm systems. Requirements include basic communication and computer skills.

Inbound Telephone Sales Advisor

The sales advisor is responsible for communicating with customers and addressing their needs. He will be selling Protection Agreements and other relevant products to them, too. A sales advisor must be able to handle customer complaints and offer clients the best products and discounts. He also researches information necessary to resolve customer’s concern.

Loss Prevention Associate

A loss prevention associate ensures positive interaction to customers. He identifies what customers need and delivers them promptly, as per the “Take customer to merchandise” policy. He extends utmost support and provides a positive shopping experience to clients. They report any loss and internal accidents to the Store Manager.

Sales force Administrator

The sales force administrator is in charge of maintaining, improving, and supporting data integrity in the Sales force team. He knows his way around data systems and ensures the accuracy of information. His other tasks include preparing and developing documents for system enhancement, creating user guides, and conducting researches to keep pace with technology.

Sears Application

To apply at Sears, click the Careers button and check out the job postings. Look for the position you’re looking for, and make sure the job contains a location or Sears store branch. Click the job you want to apply for.

There is a red apply button at the bottom of the job post (just below requirements). You will be required to enter your email address, country, location, desired job title, and your personal information. Upload your resume and click Join.

Sears application form is available online. Fill this out online or have it printed. This can be uploaded on the Sears Career Site in lieu of one’s resume.

To get the most out of the application process, one has to submit a resume that reflects Sears’ core values: innovation, accountability, and authenticity. Include one’s strengths in the field.

However, the interview process is simple. The HR usually asks basic questions related to the job (i.e. the ability to lift boxes, or drive around given locations during weekends).

Things to Know About Sears

Sears thrives in a competitive culture. The company prioritizes giving its customers the best. Employees must deliver a “wow” experience because Sears wants its employees to be excellent and innovative micro-managers.

Meanwhile, Sears has recently raised $100 million in its new financing system, confidently braving new waters to keep the company afloat. It focuses now on profitability and cost-effective measures.

Sears is also known in the industry for being a huge success in content marketing. Its Chief Digital Officer, Julia Fitzgerald, said they use various ways to direct people to their content.

The company also upholds great commitment to the community. Sears recognizes the heroes of communities and helps them through volunteer projects and donations, whether through merchandise or monetary means.

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