Rue21 Application & Careers

Rue21 is a clothing company which makes their own up-to-the-minute casual clothes for the most fashionable people around the world at a low price that can fairly suit customers’ budget.

Being formerly called the “Pennsylvania Fashions”, the clothing company was founded in the year 1976. Then later in 2003 up to the present it was called Rue21.

Its headquarters is located at the north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are 785 stores operating around the United States. The clothing company continues to produce latest styles for both young men and women.

The company has many career opportunities where benefits are equally given to employees. These include tuition benefits program, health advocate support program, 401(K) profit sharing plan, medical/prescription, discount, bonus, insurance, and many more.

Employees are given the opportunities to continuously grow in their career, constantly learn new things, and utilize their strengths and skills. Employees also describe that working in the company provided them stability.

How old do you have to be to work at rue21?

Employees that get hired at rue21 have a certain age limit. You can start working at the company at the minimum age of 16, provided that you have a valid working permit.

Rue21 Careers

Various career options are available at the clothing company. These include working at the retail stores as sales associate, as an assistant manager on retail management, material handler in the distribution department, buying and planning department, and as a corporate manager.

Part-time Sales Associate:  A Part-time Sales Associate provides assistance to the management team of the everyday store operations by giving reports, insights and recommendations within the store team members and management. He interacts with the customers and answers customers’ questions.

Assistant Manager: They are responsible for assisting in the everyday management of the store and report it directly to the store manager. They support the store manager for the employees to work within the store’s protocol. Their job is to render the employees the knowledge for them to produce an exceptional customer service.

Merchandise Processor: A merchandise processor is responsible for organizing supplies for shipment within the distribution center. His job is to prepare and pack the goods after receiving them from the supplier by putting labels on them, boxing the merchandise, and discarding empty merchandise cases.

Material Handler: A material handler’s duty is ensuring the safety when shipping all the merchandise. They are mostly responsible for maintaining trailer trucks clean and orderly. Their duty is to identify minor problems with the shipping lines and sorter to avoid delays in the shipment of the merchandise.

Product Development Technician: A product development technician’s job is maintaining the quality of the merchandise.  The technical developer conducts quality assurance by measuring and inspecting the merchandise that comes into the Distribution Center. He directly reports to the Corporate Support Center Product Development Team.

Inventory Planner: An Inventory Planner’s job is to manage merchandise assortment and inventory plans for specific product categories. He is responsible for ensuring that there’s an adequate supply of products to meet the customers’ needs by creating and maintaining the segmentation clusters and store volume.

Buyer: A buyer is responsible for developing strategies in negotiating with the vendor and selecting all the aspects of the merchandise by inspecting all its requirements. He also resolves any issues between supplier and user departments. The aim is to have a smooth transaction always.

Graphic Artist: A graphic designer’s job is to gather information and plan concepts to create a visual layouts or representation used for advertising products. They do it by using their imagination and produce it with their own hand or electronically with the help of computer software.

Receptionist: A receptionist is the one who welcomes customers by greeting them in person or through the telephone. He is responsible for answering inquiries from the customers. He maintains security by issuing customers a badge, and by monitoring the logbook.

Payroll Representative: A payroll representative is responsible for the payroll of the employees in their own assigned client group. He maintains accuracy in processing pay and withholdings, including salary changes. He must comply with the payroll auditing process by doing research on the discrepancies in payroll information.

Rue21 Application

A simple step to career application in the clothing company is available at their own website. You can just simply go to their website, choose a career and fill out the required information and hit the apply button.

In-store and online application are both accepted. You can send your resumes through their website, you can also just fill out information they needed, or you could simply go to their stores to apply personally.

An appropriate dress is a must for the candidates during an interview. Candidates with open scheduling availability and outstanding past work experience are hired by the management but newly graduates and those with no experience are also welcome to apply.

Make sure that the resume that you will submit is updated. Update your past work experiences or the company where you are currently employed, your skills, and all of your training histories must be included.

Just be yourself during the interview. Be sure that you wear the appropriate dress code, be at your utmost confidence, and make sure you have research about the company.

Things to Know About Rue21

The rue21 store offers a modern street style of clothing that suits the needs of young men and women, provide the traditional high quality customer service by engaging employees in trainings to ensure customers the best experience in shopping.

Every October, the clothing company donates to the Glimmer of Hope foundation to support breast cancer, and aside from the monetary donation they are also spreading awareness to fight breast cancer.

The clothing company is known for its unique clothing style that is not only fashionable but affordable for all the unique people in town. They continue to satisfy all the customers’ eyes in terms of their cool casual clothing.

Rue21 is not only about producing clothes and selling them to people for them to look good. They also do well to people by giving back what they have earned in charities through the program that is called “rueGIVESback”.

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