Round Table Pizza Application & Careers

Round Table Pizza is a popular pizza parlor chain across the United States. They are well-known for their freshness and for their innovative pizza creations.

Bill Larson founded the pizza chain in 1959 in Menlo Park, California. He adopted the King Arthur theme two years after when a friend drew the Knights of the Round Table eating pizza.

Through the years, they’ve introduced more than 30 popular mainstay products. Today, they have over 1,500 stores in 16 countries. The Global Franchise Group acquired Round Table Pizza on September 15, 2017.

Employees enjoy a range of benefits including healthcare, 401k retirement plan, and paid leaves. There are also gas reimbursements and daily tips for the staff.

Employees delight in a good and relaxed atmosphere. They find learning easy and fun, and thus, preparing the pizza is of quality-made. The pizzeria offers full-time and part-time vacancies and extra shifts for the holidays.

How old do you have to be to work at Round Table Pizza?

Applicants must be at least 16 years old. But, some stores prefer hiring individuals 18 years of age and above. They should have at least a high school diploma and good math skills.

Round Table Pizza Careers

The company offers a lot of job opportunities for entry-level job seekers. There are job vacancies in the food preparation lineup and online customer service. Other job openings are listed below together with their job descriptions. Applicants must be good in their social and organizational skills.

Delivery Driver: They pack and unload the goods into the truck and deliver them to customers. Drivers maintain communication with both parties to ensure the proper food specifications. Also, they conduct inspections of the vehicle to guarantee the safety of the goods.

Company Driver: Company drivers are responsible for delivering the stocks to the store and ensure to retain the quality of the stocks during transportation. They are also assigned to carry important files, items, linens, and wares that are needed by other branches.

Food Preparation Worker: A food preparation worker assists the cook in organizing the needed ingredients for the meal. The job entails them to clean produce, cut them, and thaw frozen ingredients among many others. They have to practice good hygiene and food safety procedures at all times.

Kitchen Team Member: A kitchen team member performs various tasks like cleaning, arranging, and dishwashing. They make sure that the equipment is in order and working for the cook to prepare the meals. They also run and buy necessary stocks for the kitchen.

Wait Staff: A wait staff prepares the table in the dining area and walks customers in. They take orders and give proper suggestions about the food. As they wait tables, they also make sure that the drinks are replenished. When the customer is done with his meal, they take payment and clear the table.

Crew Member: A crew member assists the wait staff in delivering customer service. Oftentimes, they keep the store clean and make sure all items are in place. A crew member is often responsible for clearing tables and preparing them for the next customer.

Dough Roller: Dough rollers prepare flour and other ingredients to make the dough. They inspect and perform maintenance with dough-making machinery to meet safety regulations. Applicants must have strong arms and hands as they cut, knead, and roll dough throughout their shift.

Shop Attendant: Some stores have shop attendants that welcome guests to the chain. They also log reservations and tell customers to wait in line if the store is full. Shop attendants must be very good communicators as they are the first ones to entertain guests.

Cashier: They handle cash transactions at the registers and collects payments from customers after ordering. Cashiers also issue receipts and handle coupons from customers upon ordering. A cashier deals with customer complaints and provides them with appropriate solutions to their concerns.

Online customer service representative: A call center representative often takes orders done by customers online. He or she serves as a mediator between the company and clients. In addition, they take and log complaints and send the info to the company for solutions.

Round Table Pizza Application

Job hopefuls can apply as a walk-in applicant or through online. Often, individuals send their resumes to the corporate website and identify which branch they want to work at. Applicants can also visit third-party sites and submit their resumes.

Online applications are available in third-party sites and at the company website. Job applicants can get to choose which city, positions, and shifts they can start in.

Online applications are easy. But, one must correct erroneous grammar and spelling before sending the application form. Be honest in answering the questions. The company would like to know if you’re indeed eligible to work with them.

Direct application to the company’s website does not need you to submit a resume. Always keep your resume simple and up-to-date. Present your best achievements and experiences, but, keep it short.

Always dress presentably and professionally when showing up for an interview. Remember to speak clearly and understand what the interviewer is suggesting. Keep good eye contact and be honest when answering questions.

Things To Know About Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza has a fun and relaxing pace where employees get to grow and learn from work. The company is an equal opportunity employer and does not tolerate abuse, harassment, and unfair labor relations.

Round Table Pizza made the headlines when management firm, Global Franchise Group, purchased the brand in 2017. The procurement would mean the enhancement of the pizzeria to be recognized as a major pizza chain.

The pizza chain is famous for its heritage recipes and innovative food creations. Also, the company is known to provide equal employment opportunities for individuals of different race, color, and gender.

Round Table Pizza has a strong commitment and involvement in the community that they are located in. They cater to children’s health and often partner with Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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