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Pizza shops are such a convenience place to bring the family for a nice and quick meal. They also have take-out and sometimes delivery for added convenience for people that just need a good meal that is quick and easy. Pizza shops have become a staple in our nation for gatherings, date nights, or a night that no one feels like cooking.

Most employment opportunities in these types of establishments do not require any education level. The hours are great for people who want flexibility. It is a good place for people who are looking for their first job. There is no age requirement at most establishments for smaller positions, only for management or for delivery drivers.

While there is no seasonal employment involved with this industry, it still often has openings as shops are rapidly expanding and finding new locations. These are ever-popular establishments that never go out of style, so there is definitely job security in this field. As long as people want pizza, you will have a job.

It seems in most towns there are several different pizza places down their main street. As long as this is the case, this will be a profitable industry.

Job Opportunities

Here are a few opportunities that you can choose from when employed by this industry:

Cashier/Server: In most establishments, the server and the cashier are usually the same person. They take the orders from the customers and bring it to the kitchen. They will then receive payment from the customers. If there is a dining area in the establishment, they will take the order to the customers or call them up to the counter to pick up their order. They are also responsible for tidying up their counter and the dining area when the customer leaves during downtimes. They should have knowledge of the products they sell and have excellent customer service skills. A person 16 or older can work as a cashier and no education level is required. The cashier/server can make around $7-$9 an hour.

Pizza Maker: They work in the back and prepare the orders. Since pizzas are fresh and made to order, they must know how to properly make a pizza, starting with the dough and then with adding any toppings afterwards. They will also have to know how to turn on the ovens at opening and ensure they are cleaned and shut off at the end of the night. A pizza maker should be aware of the general hygiene and safety rules of the kitchen. They are responsible for cleaning the kitchen, making sure the product is properly stored and the kitchen is washed and mopped at closing. Usually a pizza maker will be 18 or older. No education is required for this position, but often it is preferred to have a kitchen safety certification. On the job training and the ability to follow orders is mandatory for this position. The average pay is around $9-$10 per hour.

Delivery Driver: When people want the added convenience of calling in their order and just having it brought to them, the delivery guy is the one who does this. Their main responsibility is to take the proper orders to the right house. The next important part of their job is to ensure that the order is delivered quickly so that it is still hot when it gets to the customer’s house. When there are no deliveries, the delivery driver is expected to help where needed within the shop. The age requirement is usually 18 or 21 and over for this position, as a result of needing a clean and experienced driving record, as well as potential safety concerns. The average pay for a delivery driver is $10 an hour.

Manager: A manager in a pizza shop has similar duties to other managers. They will hire and train employees as needed. They are in charge of firing employees. When someone is unable to come to work and they cannot find a replacement, a manager will fill in to help out. They are responsible for managing the money within the store and helping out wherever needed. They must be sure that their employees are efficiently doing their jobs. A manager will usually need a high school diploma to obtain this position, but they will need to work their way up the ladder by gaining experience and showing knowledge they have gained. They should have excellent customer service skills, as they must sometimes deal with unhappy customers. The average yearly salary for a manager is around $30,000.

Job Outlook

The job outlook in this industry is around 11%, which is the average around the nation. There are often jobs in this field as more establishments are opening. There is also a high turnover rate, due to most people finding temporary work in the lower positions of this industry finding higher paying careers elsewhere.

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