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ResCare is a private service provider for people with disabilities. The name is a combination of the words “Respect” and “Care”, reflecting the company’s purpose, which is to assist people in reaching in becoming independent.

The company has been serving disabled and aging patients since 1974. They are headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Their 50,000 employees work with nearly 60,000 patients across 42 states as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

The company offers multiple services. “Residential Services” are for assisting special needs youth and disabled adults. The “HomeCare Services” are for tending to aging seniors who wish to continue living independently in their own homes. The company also provides training and job placement for people with barriers to employment. These services fall under “Workforce Services” and “Education and Training Services”. “Pharmacy Services” is the final branch, and refers to the company’s closed-door pharmacy, which provides pharmaceutical services specifically to people with cognitive and developmental problems.

“HomeCare Services” can be broken down into several smaller services, among them homemaking, nursing, and brain injury rehabilitation. Homemaking services included food prep, housecleaning, personal care, and assistance with other day-to-day procedures that make it possible for geriatric patients to remain in their own homes. Overnight services are available when necessary.

The company has faced a series of lawsuits in the past, usually regarding employee mistreatment of patients. The patients are often completely dependent on the assistance of their caretaker to go about their daily lives. In one instance, a caretaker, who was later revealed to have a criminal past, was caught on a hidden camera violently beating his patient. In another instance, a caretaker left three mentally handicapped patients in a van in a mall parking lot for hours while he went shopping.

ResCare Interview Questions

In your opinion, are you overqualified or underqualified? There is a such thing as overqualified. In some instances, you can be overqualified for a position you are applying for. One of the best ways to answer is not considering yourself either overqualified or underqualified. You can consider yourself someone with experience who is always looking to learn more and get more experience. This can be a plus because it gives the employer something to think about.

If your previous employer were here, what would he/she say was your strongest asset? Think about the times a previous employer gave you compliments or relied on you for certain kinds of assignments. Think hard on this one and give an honest, clear answer as if you were your previous employer. You can add a little extra “sauce” as I like to call it to your response, but do not go overboard.

What suggestion have you made for previous employers that led to success? Employers want to know what kind of initiative you take; what kind of ideas can you bring to the table. Make sure this example is good. Make sure this example led to some kind of success for that company. This is the time to put out your best accomplishments to this employer.

What job would you rather have on a group project? Are you better as the leader of the group or do you like to work in the background. Each member of the group has something important that the bring to the table so do not be ashamed of your answer. If you work in the background but gets all of your work done, you are still an important piece of the group. If you like to be the leader, that is great too.

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