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Renaissance Hotels is an international chain of hotels and resorts and is owned by Marriott International. In fact, Marriot operates many of its hotels, while the rest are franchises. This brand is a service for upmarket travelers interested in a luxury experience. Enter the service industry by completing a Renaissance application.

The company was founded in 1982 as Ramada Inn, Inc. By 1989, most of its hotels were franchises that were purchased by new World Development Company of Hong Kong. Many of the hotels became Aztar Corp, while the rest were rebranded as a stand-alone brand called Renaissance. Later, New World also acquired the Stouffer brand and folded it into Renaissance. The same story is true for the Netherlands based Hotel Group N.V.

Initially, the company was a small chain, with local offers in small, remote areas. It slowly expanded and now has jobs in over 50 locations. These include India, Chile, Brazil, and Canada. Its hotels host events, including music, food, and art. It also offers Renaissance Navigators, which help you find the best local attractions.

Renaissance jobs are available to help customers discover new places and have a nice stay. You will help set up meetings in the large meeting rooms. You can also set up special meals and check in customers. There is even a mobile check-in for optimal service. Careers at this company are truly dedicated to providing customers a memorable travel experience.

Renaissance Careers

Share your passion for travel and discovery with customers by helping customers find places to explore and by giving them a wonderful place to stay. There is a Renaissance application for in-hotel positions or corporate offices. There are even some positions that include traveling responsibilities, giving you the chance to take your career abroad.

To find the job for you, you can complete a Renaissance job application online or contact the Marriott for a printable application for Renaissance. Employees leave testimonials about how much they love their job. They describe it as a rewarding career with a company that has enduring values. In fact, Marriot is consistently recognized as one of the Best Places to Work. This ringing endorsement should be enough to convince you to apply for jobs at Renaissance.

How old do you have to be to work at Renaissance? The minimum age for hiring is 18 years old. There are entry-level positions, such as guest service agent, guest service representative, front desk associate, and room attendant. On the company website, you can view the requirements for each position. Make sure to read this carefully before completing an application.

There is information on how to apply for Renaissance online, including interview tips and lists of benefits. These benefits vary by country, according to business law. They include retail discounts, long-term growth programs, training, annual professional development, and exposure to every aspect of the industry. Salary is competitive in each country of operation.

Renaissance Job Descriptions

Cocktail Service – This position focuses on serving food and beverages to customers. You must set tables according to company standards. You will also communicate orders to the kitchen and relay information from the kitchen to customers. It is imperative that you follow all standards, such as cleaning, food safety, and uniform guidelines. Requirements include being able to life 25 pounds without assistance and be able to stand for a full shift.

Housekeeping – You are responsible for responding to guest inquires. You will fill cars with supplies, clean vacant rooms, replace guest amenities, and clean linens, you must make sure all rooms are cleaned and outfitted according to company policies. You will also follow all safety standards for use and storing of supplies. This job has physical requirements, such as lifting heavy objects and standing for long periods of time. 

Accounting – Make sure that all finances are in order for a given hotel location. You will do this by checking figures and documents for mathematical accuracy. Organizing files, records, cash, and checks is essential. All payroll and ledgers must be properly filed and shared with corporate offices. You will also address guests with kindness, respect, and professionalism.

Front Desk Agent – This is a position that require good personal skills. You will listen and respond to all guest requests. This includes providing a welcome folder, explaining all services, and knowing who to call for each request. You will also post all account information in the computer system and handle money at the time of check in and check out. Remember, you will be the face of the hotel.

Renaissance Interview Questions

The interview can seem nerve-wracking and difficult, so prepare ahead of time by practicing hypothetical answers to potential questions.

What do the words “Renaissance careers” invoke for you? The interviewer asks this question in order to get a sense of why you want this career and what sort of information you have about it. To be able to answer, you will need to conduct research by looking through Renaissance jobs online and by searching to find a link to other information.

Tell me about you. This question gives you the opportunity to summarize your resume and to highlight previous employment experience in the industry. However, you should not stick to the professional. This question is also inviting you to talk about your personal interests and hobbies, which you should do briefly.

What do you struggle with? Brainstorm a couple of things about yourself that you hope to improve or that you are working to improve. List them briefly and then take most of your time to explain how you are working on improving yourself. It is essential to show that you are trying to be a better person.

Do you foresee any reason you would be unable to complete this job? Never lie about your concerns or shortcomings. If you are upfront about challenges you will face, such as getting to work on time because you take public transportation, then your boss will be more understanding in the long term.

What made you want to work at Renaissance? It can be difficult to pinpoint why you applied for Renaissance jobs. To come up with a good answer, peruse the company website. Then, use adjectives or terms from the mission, benefits page, or about page to explain why you completed an application form.

Advice For Application Process

It can be hard to start an online application or to complete the application process. All you need to do is carefully follow one step at a time. Begin by searching for Renaissance careers that are hiring in locations near you. Then, complete applications for positions of interest to you.

There are many job opportunities, making it difficult to find the right one. Read each job description with care. Then, apply online with a direct application. It is also possible to download application form or to use a printable application form. Do whichever is easiest for you. There is no advantage to any way of applying.

Then, you should get ready for an interview. Make sure to review your application and to read through the company website. To ensure that you can answer the questions under pressure and that you can demonstrate knowledge of Renaissance careers, conduct a mock interview. While practicing, work to keep your answers concise.

When the interview day arrives, bring your free application with you, as it is possible that the interviewer has not seen it. Dressing nicely is important because it will help you give a positive first impression. Think over each question before answering in order to make sure that you give the best answer that you can.
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