Regions Financial Corporation Application & Careers


Regions Bank is the result of the merger of three longstanding Alabama based banks. The agreement to merge the National Bank of Huntsville, the First National Bank of Montgomery, and the Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham in 1971 birthed the first multibank holding company in the state of Alabama. In the years following, they would continue pave ground by becoming the first bank in Alabama to provide customers account access via computerized telephone service.

Since opening its doors the bank has expanded to serve customers in sixteen states, primarily the South and the forty initial branches operating in 1971 has grown to nearly one thousand six hundred and thirty. Along with physical growth the company has become famously recognized as one of the nation’s largest full-service consumer and commercial banking providers.

Regions Bank holds to a reputation of providing loyal customer service, supported by reports from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which claim the bank to have been the highest ranked in customer satisfaction when compared to other retail banks. Programs like “Financial Fitness Month” aim to aid customers’ financial management while building personal bonds.

Community outreach is said to be placed high in value to the corporation behind the bank. Regions proudly hosted the Young Voices, Promising Futures event, which featured a lecture by guest speaker, former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice. For several years, the bank has held a tradition of awarding high school students with essay-based scholarships and showing contribution, efforts towards local causes who are lacking funding.

Regions Financial Corporation Interview Questions

Have you been applying for other jobs? You will want to be honest answering this question, because you may end up caught in a lie later and that would be a bad situation for you. If you aren’t applying for other jobs, that is fine. If you are, tell the interview about them honestly. They should understand what it is like when you are searching for a job.

What kind of person would you be unable to work with? The easiest answer to this question is that there is nobody that you aren’t willing to work with. If you want to have a real answer, you can say that you would be unable to work with someone who is obviously sabotaging the company. Just make sure that you don’t say anything that will make you sound negative.

Are you willing to work nights, weekends and/or overtime? The most important thing is that you are honest, because if you lie and are asked to work outside of when you want to or can, you will run into a lot of different issues. If the position previously stated that it required this type of work, you shouldn’t have applied if you couldn’t meet the expectations.

What have your previous co-workers done that has irritated you? This is one of those trick questions. You will want to answer this question with something positive, such as, “I have always seemed to get along with my co-workers in the past.” It may not be the most honest answer, but you can’t air your grievances in an interview with a new company.

What have you learned from mistakes on the job in the past? Make sure that you don’t say that you don’t have one. Be sure to think up one of these before going into your interview, so you aren’t put on the spot. Tell the interviewer about a small mistake that led you to learn a valuable lesson on the job. You will want to say what you learned from that mistake, as well.

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