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In a world where most expensive purchases are bought using banking services like credit cards, mortgages, and other places where you have to pay back money that you borrow. The financial industry is constantly growing, providing more services to their clients. They will also bring in a variety of options for a person to look into when considering their best options that are affordable for them.

There are a variety of different opportunities for an economic specialist in this field. You can be an advisor or a banker, or loan managers or anything in between. Some positions in this field require long hours, while others are a standard work day. In any company, these types of jobs are very fast paced and will require a person to be as good with people as they are with numbers.

If you love working with people and numbers are your specialty, this is the right field for you. You are not just handling your client’s money, but you are also handling their dreams. Finding the right economic solutions for a person can help change their lives for the better. With your knowledge and advice, you can assist in making the customer’s dreams come true.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that you can find within this industry:

Personal Financial Advisor: This position will primarily deal with giving clients advice about money, especially in the realm of investments. They will also look at a person’s financial records and history and help them improve their economic situations by recommending saving options, investments to look into, and other ways to help their client. They will need to interview clients to discuss their income, all expenses, tax status, economic objectives and any other pertinent information. They use this information to come up with the individualized plan for their customer. They can also assist with developing plans for debt management. They often explain financial assistance to college students, and help them come up with financing solutions to pay for their education. Often an advisor like this will sell stocks and bonds to their clients. They oversee their client’s stocks and often make adjustments to maximize profits. They also must keep up to date with any trends in the business and economics fields to help them best server their customers. The advisor will use items like spreadsheets and any market research data to help show their findings to their clients. To be a financial advisor, it is required that you have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, a master’s degree is often preferred. You will need to get all required certifications. They can earn an average of $67,000 a year.

Financial Managers: Financial managers mostly deal with services like mortgages, loans and other similar banking services. They are often in charge of specific departments and the staff within those departments. They must have excellent knowledge of any services, as well as the rules and regulations regarding those services. They must ensure that their staff follows those guidelines. They develop long term plans and strategies regarding those plans. They will also direct investments, prepare any financial report necessary, and develop procedures based on objectives set before them. They have their hand in the budget of their company, to ensure everything is balanced and that profits are maximized. All their duties are based on which type of business they work for. A financial manager needs at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or some related field. Most businesses require a master’s degree to obtain this type of employment. They could earn an average of $109,000 a year.

Financial Analyst: An analyst is very similar to an advisor. They give advice about investment opportunities to their clients. They can buy and sell a variety of investments, including stocks, bonds, hedge funds, and mutual funds. They monitor trends in many business sectors to advise clients on how to maximize all of their profits. They can judge the long-term profitability of a variety of investments of both current and future times. They must be experts on the news of their business and be current with all news and trends. They will use this information to make spreadsheets and other charts to explain their reasoning with clients and coworkers who are not familiar with money matters. They will need a college education to gain employment, with either a 4 year degree or further education. They must have excellent math skills and interpersonal skills. Sometimes it may be preferred to have a fluent knowledge of other languages, since this is a very global field. They need to get their licenses are required by state and federal regulations. An analyst can earn around $89,000 a year.

Financial Services Agent: This agent is responsible for selling services to customers. This includes banking services, insurances, retirement income, mutual funds and investments. This is a field where you are always working with customers. They continually try to sell services and show how those services will improve their income by using charts and other visual media. They must be able to determine where the client needs improvement in their money handling or other matters and be able to sell items that will assist in making them more money. They must abide by all federal regulations when selling these products as well as authorizing loans, if that is something that there are responsible for doing. They often will accept payments from customers. The agent must have a bachelor’s degree in finance or business to gain this kind of employment. They should also have excellent customer service skills, as they spend their days with clients. They might be able to earn $100,000 a year.

Job Outlook

This industry has an estimated growth of between 9%-23%, depending on your job title. The national average across other industries is roughly around 11%. The reason for this variation is as a result of some jobs being taken over by internet services, while others are being rolled into one position. This can also be as a result of people staying in this field, as it does have the potential to pay very well.



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