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Red Robin is an American casual dining restaurant chain. They offer appetizers, gourmet burgers, wraps & sandwiches, bottomless drinks, liquor, and many more. They also sell grocery items which are not available in their restaurants.

Back in 1940, Sam, whose last name is now lost to time, owned the first Sam’s Red Robin in Washington. The company’s name was only changed to Red Robin in 1969, when restaurant entrepreneur Gerry Kingen bought it and expanded the restaurant. Now, they also offer franchising.

The company didn’t sell burgers at first, it was only Kingen’s idea to add burgers because he thought the menu was not good enough. They employ more than 10,000 employees in nearly 540 location, as of 2015.

Red Robin cares for its employees by giving them many benefits such as healthcare insurance, which covers the employees’ dental and vision healthcare. They also give retirement and savings plans.

Employees love working at Red Robin because it has a very good staff and management. Another thing they enjoyed about their experience at the restaurant was that the company gives free food to employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Red Robin?

The minimum age requires applicants to be at least 18 years old. They also allow applications from teenagers who are 16 years old and above.

Red Robin Careers

The restaurant chain offers fulfilling careers for applicants, depending on their skills and expertise.

Restaurant Server: A restaurant server is responsible for taking and serving orders to customers. They also take the dishes after the customers finished eating. Servers have to have quick and steady feet to ensure that the food will reach the customers on time.

Host/Hostess: The host or hostess is responsible for greeting the customers once they enter the establishment, guiding them to their table, and giving them everything they need. It is also their job to answer questions from customers. A host must be cheerful and have the patience in dealing with rude customers.

Busser: A busser’s job is to take the dishes out of the restaurant’s tables for the next customer. It is necessary for them to be quick so that the tables are ready for use. Bussers also refill water and bring utensils, plates, and glasses for customers.

Line Cook: A line cook works at the kitchen and is responsible for cooking the restaurant’s recipes. Line cooks need to be attentive and focused to make sure every dish comes out great. They also need to have a mind for sanitation. A cook must have a patience for the kitchen heat and smell.

Bartender: A bartender’s job is to manage the bar, make and mix drinks, and serving them. Bartenders need to have an extensive knowledge and passion about liquor so they can make high quality drinks. They also operate the bar’s cash register and check for customers’ IDs to make sure that only adults are drinking in the bar.

Dishwasher: A dishwasher’s job is to wash the dishes that the busser takes from the tables. Dishwashers should exhibit cleanliness because dirty plates, utensils, and glasses would upset customers and may cause bacteria to spread. They must also be quick so that the restaurant can entertain more customers and careful in handling plates because they are fragile.

Delivery Driver: A delivery driver’s job is to deliver orders to its designated destination. Delivery drivers have to be skilled drivers because they have to deliver the orders on time in order to satisfy customers. They also need to be mindful of traffic rules to avoid getting the company in trouble. Drivers also have to take care of the delivery vehicle to ensure it is always ready for use.

Cashier: A cashier works at the counter and operates the cash register. Cashiers collect payment from the customers and gives proper change.  They need to be careful in handling the money to make sure the company doesn’t lose profits.

Janitor: A janitor’s responsibility is to clean the restaurant. Janitors clean windows, sweep floors, and make sure the establishment is free of trash and clutter. They also make sure everything is organized and they also do repairs from time to time. While most janitors work inside the establishment, they can also be asked to clean outside the restaurant.

Shift Leader: A shift leader’s job is to lead his fellow employees during a certain shift. Shift leaders make sure that the restaurant team is doing their job and working to the customer’s satisfaction. They make sure that the team is performing efficiently and productively. It is also their job to talk to customers if they have any concerns.

Red Robin Application

Applicants who wish to work for the restaurant chain must file a fully filled up application in any branch of Red Robin nationwide.

Aside from in store application, the company also accepts online application. Applicants just have to go to the careers section of the company’s website.

For applicants, it would be good if the application they submit is neatly completed. Also, they need to be prepared and read the form before filling it up to avoid errors and to know what they are signing up for.

In filing the resume, applicants need to keep it short but full of substance. A resume with only one page is enough and keep the formatting simple, what matters is the message you give to the employers.

For those picked to get a job interview, they must dress neatly and properly. They also have to arrive ahead of schedule and they have to be prepared for what questions might be asked.

Things to Know About Red Robin

The company’s culture is centered on customer service. The management makes sure that they only hire the best and most pleasant people to work for their company, to ensure that customers will get only the best dining experience every time they dine at one of the company’s restaurants.

In 2016, the company’s revenue results for the fourth quarter of the same year reached approximately $290M, toppling other companies and dominating the landscape of the casual dining industry. The company stated that it’s “Let’s Burger!” campaign contributed to its success.

The casual dining restaurant chain is best known for serving gourmet burgers. Customers get to choose from an extensive menu of different burger variants but they also have a wide array of other different recipes.

With their success, they know how to give back. They help the environment by using LED lights. They minimize electricity use by employing multiple energy management systems in the company’s establishments. They have also made efforts in recycling and waste management.

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