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Red Lobster is a popular seafood restaurant founded in the United States. Today, their local and international branches serve delightful meals made from fresh, wild-caught seafood.

The company was founded by Bill Darden in 1968. He opened the first branch of his restaurant in Lakeland, FL. The company started as a single family-owned business.

Red Lobster has more than 700 branches worldwide. Also, the company has more than 10,000 employees. They have branches in the United States, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Their employees are entitled to many benefits. These benefits include a retirement plan and 401K plan, paid leaves, and employee discount. Additionally, employees receive free snacks or lunch and mobile phone discount. They undergo training and programs for professional growth.

People like working at Red Lobster because of the benefits, perks and unlimited opportunities. Employees gain future and financial security as the company gives them different insurance plans.

How old do you have to be to work at Red Lobster?

Interested applicants must be at least 16 years old. This minimum age requirement for employment is applicable for entry-level jobs. For the management positions, applicants should be 18 years old. They must have a bachelor’s degree in either business or hospitality.

Red Lobster Careers

The company hires managers and team members who have the hospitality gene. Their people should serve customers with passion and dedication. Also, their teams obtain the necessary training and skills to grow as professionals.

The company offers both entry-level and management positions. Jobs available at Red Lobster feature fast-paced settings and strict policies for performing daily responsibilities. Prospective employees should maintain health & safety standards to gain hiring consideration. Applicants are encouraged to see their list of requirements for the following positions:

Hosts/Hostess: They serve as frontline employees. They greet the customers, answer the phone calls, and take reservations. Also, they help the customers by explaining to them the specials or menu items. Applicants for these positions must be patient and with good interpersonal communication skills. They can work part-time or from 15 to 30 hours weekly.

Line Cook: Applicants for line cook should be at least 18 years old. They must be able to lift items weighing 45 pounds. Typically, the company picks those applicants who can bear extreme temperatures. This job requires them to have excellent multitasking skills as well.

Dishwasher/Utility: This job asks the applicants to have strong attention to detail. They should be 18 years old and above. They must be flexible and physically fit as the job requires lifting 50-pound items. Knowledge in using the basic power tools is required for this position.

Server Assistant/Busser: For this position, interested applicants should be at least 16 years old. They must be able to carry heavy items weighing 30 pounds. This job also calls for excellent organization and communication skills. Server assistants must be good in cooperative work and multi-tasking.

Prep Cook: Just like other entry-level jobs, applicants for prep cook must be of legal age. Applicants who took any culinary course or education are welcome. Also, they must be physically fit and able to carry heavy items weighing 45 pounds. This position is more suitable for applicants with good multi-tasking and organization skills.

Servers: Interested applicants should be great at multi-tasking with excellent communication and listening skills. They must be 18 years old to serve alcoholic beverages. Candidates should be physically fit and able to carry weight of up to 30 pounds. This position is best for applicants who can work under pressure.

Bartender: Bartenders should follow the recipes, uphold company standards and specifications and maintain cleanliness.

Interested applicants should be good at multi-tasking. Also, they should have excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Bartenders must be 18 years old and able to lift items weighing 30 pounds. Also, this job commands them to work under pressure.

Cashiers: It’s one of the common jobs available at Red Lobster. The company offers flexible working schedules for their cashiers. Successful candidates are entitled for a competitive salary, benefits and perks to all employees.

General Managers: General Managers are responsible for supervising the restaurant’s operations through a group of crew and managers. Candidates should have more than 5 years working experience. Also, they must have a degree in business or hospitality.

Restaurant Managers: Restaurant managers lead the operations with a concentration on hospitality, beverage, culinary and service. They are also responsible for hiring and training their whole team. Restaurant managers receive a competitive salary, bonuses and other benefits. Applicants should be at least 21 years old and with bachelor’s degree in hospitality or business.

Red Lobster Application

People who want to apply for the jobs available in this company may apply online or offline. But, getting a job may be faster for walk-in applicants than online candidates.

Interested applicants should visit their preferred branches to fill out the application form. They must be in a decent business-casual outfit and ready for initial interview.

In-store applications are more preferred by hiring managers than online resume submission. Applicants must fill out the application forms correctly and accurately. When completed, they send the application form with their resumes. They are free to ask about how they can follow up their application.

Applicants should pass their CVs including their telephone number and email address. They must pass it together with the accomplished application form at their preferred location.

Qualified applicants will be contacted by hiring managers, informing them about the scheduled interview. Applicants must arrive on time for the interview, wearing a business-casual attire.

Things to Know about Red Lobster

The company is focused on giving the best seafood dining experience. It’s a continuously growing business that stays focused on Great People, Great Seafood and Great Results.

They frequently offer new programs and money-saving opportunities for their customers. With their dedication in serving their customers, the company continuously grows internationally.

As a seafood restaurant, the company keeps its promise to customers: to serve them only the freshest seafood. Since they know everyone loves seafood, they offer rewards and gift cards.

Further, the company loves giving back to the community. They implement programs like the RL Shares program and RL Cares Employee Emergency Assistance Fund. The company donates unused healthy food to community organizations and local food pantries weekly.

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