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Rally’s is mainly a drive-through restaurant that specializes in made to order burgers, fries, hotdogs and drinks. The company is dedicated to delivering flavorful food, made at the point of order and delivered hot and fresh.

It was founded in 1985 in Louiseville, Kentucky. The drive-through was developed based on a study that half of all fast-food purchases were either takeout or drive-through.

In 1999, the company merged with a similar drive-through restaurant, Checker’s. Together, these two drive-through leaders now employ more than 5,500 employees all over the US.

The company takes career of its employees, providing opportunities for career growth. Employees receive pay at industry-competitive rates. There are also paid job comprehensive trainings, sick leaves, paid vacation leaves, 401(k) and insurance options for qualified employees.

Employees are satisfied working for the company for many reasons. There is a mentoring program that recognizes talent from among the staff and develops those talents.

How old do you have to be to work at Rally’s?

Worker at Rally’s has to be at least 16 years old on the average. Entry level positions such as team members and cooks should be at least 14 years old. For managerial positions, minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

Rally’s Careers

There are plenty of job openings at the company from entry level to higher corporate positions. Higher managerial positions are usually more available to employees, as the company prefers to promote from within.

Team Member: The wage is on hourly rate. This entry level position delivers excellent guest experience. The Team Member will have many roles to fulfil within the restaurant. One of the most important roles is preparing fresh, hot and flavorful food delivered to guests’ satisfaction.

Cook: The main responsibility is preparing flavorful, fresh food. Cooks may also get a few additional duties such as restocking supplies and cleaning work stations. At some branches of the restaurant, cooks might have to double as crew members, operate cash registers and take food and drink orders.

Deli Associate:  This position works closely with the Team Members or Crew at the drive-through restaurant. The main focus of the job is to help in accurately taking orders, quick meal preparations and delivering the orders with a smile to all guests.

Shift Manager: This position provides assistance to the management team. The Shift Manager is focused on ensuring that every guest is satisfied with the services and the food. The Shift Manager oversees overall restaurant performance in every shift. Reporting is directly to the Assistant or the General Manager. Supervision of restaurant employees is also part of this position’s responsibilities.

Senior Manager: The responsibilities include design, development, improvement, maintenance and consultative functions on the company’s learning management system. Included are training course development, performance support materials, reference and instructional materials for the Checker’s & Rally’s People and Operating System. The Senior Manager also assists with training initiatives for team members and management.

Assistant Manager: This position will require closely working with the General Manager. These are considered by the company as the “Every Day Leaders”. The focus of the Assistant Manager is on delivering guest satisfaction, ensuring product quality, improving sales and maintaining restaurant cleanliness.

General Manager: The General Manager is a key position on which an individual restaurant’s success relies on. The GM focuses on reaching sales goals and monitoring employee performance. The GM also checks that company practices and policies are enforced to ensure that guests are satisfied, teams are developed to their full potential and profits are maximized.

District Manager: This is the Market Leader. Operations of multiple restaurants within the area are managed by the District Manager. Business plan development is also part of the responsibilities to meet the company’s goals. The DM will be working closely with the GM to improve guest satisfaction, team performance, staff development and profits maximization.

Franchise Business Consultant: This position is part of the Franchise Operations team. The responsibilities include providing development advice, coaching and guidance to all of the franchisees. This position is mainly to help the franchise owners maximize profits and improve business. The consultant is part of why the company is the #1 multi-unit restaurant franchise.

Corporate Transaction Attorney: This is an important position for reviewing, developing and improving company transactions and contracts. This includes real estate leases, franchise agreements, and purchase and sale agreements entered into by the company or by individual restaurants. Day-to-day legal counseling is also part of this job.

Rally’s Application

For most of the job vacancies, application is via online. Go to the company website Careers page and check out the job postings. The job information also comes with what branch or franchise offers the job posting.

An online application form is available. This is the most widely accepted application in the company, although, there are some franchise stores that accepts in-store applications.

Fill in the required fields for personal information. A field is available for uploading the resume in txt, doc, docx, odt or pdf file. There is also a field where the applicant can paste the entire resume instead.

Be creative in your resume. Highlight strengths, experiences and values that will help in fulfilling the job’s responsibilities. Be detailed with employment history. Include information of the various jobs, tasks and responsibilities that came with your previously held position.

Prepare well for the interview. This can last from 20 to 30 minutes. Mention about your passion for food, especially the ones on the company’s menu.

Facts About Rally’s

Rally’s culture is all about taking care of its guests and franchisees. The company fosters an environment aimed at achieving excellence, adopting an uncompromising high standard for food, service and business practice.

They are always offering new deals in their menu. This is to give customers better food experience. Franchises are also available for those interested. The company has been ranked as the number 1 among multi-unit restaurant franchises in the country.

Rally’s is known for its fast and efficient service. The food is made to order so it’s hot and fresh every time. Pricing is hard-to-beat. Its prices are lower than the major burger joints in the US.

Employees are encouraged to treat every person with respect and pride. They promote an unyielding pursuit of achievement, with the courage to grow and be bold. Mentorship is within the company’s core practices for growth among its employees.

Application Links

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