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Quaker Oats is a conglomerate that specializes in American food. It is currently owned by PepsiCo, the company that is most known for its soft drink company Pepsi. Quaker Oats has been owned by PepsiCo since 2001. If you were looking for more information on the Quaker Oats application process, you can read the information below.

When four oat mills merged in 1901, Quaker Oats Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois. These merged companies were Quaker Mill Company, a cereal mills, The German Mills American Oatmeal Company, and Rob Lewis & Co. American Oats and Barley Corporation. Soon after the merger, the company began making cereal and other beverage and food products.

Today this company makes a huge variety of food related products from cereals to granola and many other items in between. They even are responsible for such brands as Rice-Roni, Pasta-Roni, and Tropicana. Their products can be found worldwide. In 1997, the first food-specific claim that oatmeal is heart friendly and can reduce the risks of heart related diseases. Today, they are headquartered out of Chicago, Illinois.

PepsiCo, the parent company of Quaker Oats, believes that through hiring hardworking and diverse group of employees that their company will be more successful. They act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and want to continue to innovate in a way that is safe for the planet while providing quality products for their customers.

Quaker Oats Careers

This is a company that welcomes people of all skills and experience to apply at this company. There is room for employees to advance their job into a Quaker Oats career, othering employees every opportunity to grow within this company. At the distribution and manufacturing locations, people can find positions like manufacturing operations associate, electrician, and maintenance technician.

The corporate office is a place with a lot of room for all types of people to find positions that are a right match for their individual talents. The corporate office is located in Chicago, Illinois, so you will need to relocate if you do not live nearby. At the corporate office, some positions include senior administrative assistant, control and reporting manager, and marketing.

How old do you have to be to work at Quaker Oats? A person must be at least 18 years old to apply. You will need to carefully look over the job descriptions to see if you are qualified for that position. Positions will often require at least a high school diploma or equivalent to work here. Other positions will often need a college degree.

Quaker Oats, through PepsiCo, offers eligible employees incredible benefits for their industry. Employees must meet qualifications in order to receive benefits including hours worked weekly and time with the company. Some benefits are medical, dental, and vision plans. They also include life and disability insurance options, as well as flexible spending accounts. These are only a few of the comprehensive benefits.

The manufacturing hours at this company are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other divisions of this company may have separate hours of operation. For instance, the corporate office generally is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. You can contact them with any questions about their hours.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

District Sales Leader- A district sales leader is responsible for maintaining a positive relationship with clients and effectively sell and execute sales programs and other initiatives. They will have meetings with individual route sales representatives to discuss their performance and meeting sales goals. They will help the route sales representative improve their sales skills if needed. A district sales leader may earn around $66,000 a year.

Route Sales Representative- A route sales representative is responsible for a particular route of customers and handling their sales needs. They must meet sales goals that were set for them, or receive training to help increase their numbers. They will work under the district sales leader. They must also follow sales leads in order to find new customers. A route sales representative may earn $45,000 a year.

Warehouse Supervisor- A warehouse supervisor is responsible for scheduling the delivery and receiving of raw materials and finished products. They will create loading patterns to minimize loading time. They are also responsible for the inventory levels in their warehouse to meet up with sales needs. They will train new employees and ensure everything in their area complies with company policies. A warehouse supervisor may earn around $61,000 a year.

Maintenance Engineer- The maintenance engineer is responsible for helping teams solve the daily operational issues. They will administer policies and practices as well as implementing projects. They will help lead a team to develop plans to improve operations and motivate them to achieve those goals. They will also conduct training sessions. A maintenance engineer may earn around $58,000 a year.

Quaker Oats Interview

These may be some questions that you will be asked during your Quaker Oats job interview.

Why Quaker Oats? This is a standard question for most interviews. The interviewer is trying to see your motivations behind applying here. Answer honestly by discussing why you chose to apply at Quaker Oats and why you feel you would be a good fit here.

What do you see for yourself in the future? The interviewer wants to hear where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years. Discuss your future career plans and goals. You should also mention how this company fits into that plan.

Are you able to lift up to 75lbs? Some positions at this company are physically demanding and the interviewer wants to make sure that you have no physical limitations that could interfere with that. You should answer honest about if you have any physical limitations.

Do you have any experience in sales? Sales are what drives a company and the interviewer wants to make sure that you have what it takes to meet your sales goals. This is a time where you can mention your experience and talents in sales, and use details.

Why should we hire you? The interviewer probably has at least 10 other candidates that look exactly like you do on paper. The interviewer wants to know what makes you stand out and why they should be you over the others. Mention your strengths and highlight how the company would benefit from them.

Advice for the Application Process

If you were wondering how to apply at Quaker Oats, it is as simple as visiting the Quaker Oats jobs online site. It will direct you to the PepsiCo corporate careers website, and you can fill out an application form directly online. You will not be able to find printable applications online or downloadable applications. You can also fill out an application at a recruitment area at your local college.

You can also submit your resume for consideration for future job openings. The company website has all the information you need about the job descriptions, responsibilities and qualifications for each available position. You can use this information to apply for a position that you are qualified for and would enjoy doing.

Most applicants hear back within a week; however some people have waited for up to a month. If a month has gone by without hearing back from them, you can contact the location that you applied at. This can help prove that you are serious about the position. When calling, be sure to check the status of your application and see if they are still hiring for that job.

By preparing for beforehand, you can walk into your interview with an advantage of confidence. If you ask yourself potential interview questions and answer them through the days leading up to your interview, you will get rid of any nerves that you may have. Just remember to dress in a professional manner to show that you are serious about this job.
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