Facts Worth to Know About Pizza Hut

Engraving Logo on the Moon


Pizza hut were really ambitious and you might not have known this but, they had planned to have their Pizza Hut logo engraved on the moon by use of lasers. The reason this didn’t happen wasn’t because of money but because they had to have their logo as big as the size of Texas state in U.S.

The name

Many notice the bizarre name it has “Pizza Hut“. This was given as Mrs. Carney, wife to one of the founders, believed that their first restaurant building had a some resembles to a hut.


With just $600 that Dan and frank Carney borrowed from their mother back in the 1950’s, the first Pizza Hut restraint was opened on 31st May, 1958 in Wichita Kansas. The interesting part is that same store is still operation today.

Largest User of Cheese

Pizza Hut love cheese so much that they are the single largest users of cheese in the world. It is believed that they once used over 100 million pounds of cheese in just one summer and consequently used 300 million pounds in that year.

Proposal Package

If you are looking for a unique way to propose to your girlfriend, just ask Pizza Hut. In the United States only, Pizza Hut have a proposal package that cost $10,010 which includes a ruby engagement ring, fireworks, flowers, a photographer, a limo, 10 cinnamon sticks, five bread sticks and a $10 pizza.

International Space

In 2001, the international space station received pizza from Pizza Hut. They paid the Russians $1 million o transport the pizza to space and to make a successful commercial out of it.

Online Order

Online delivery for Pizza Hut started way back in 1994. One of the very first internet purchases made was for a pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese from Pizza Hut.

One of a Kind Crust

The Marmite-stuffed pizza whether good or bad, is only unique to Pizza Hut in New Zealand. The pizza is called CheeZeeMite.

Most Successful Pizza Business

Most of us would think that the most successful Pizza Hut be in America, with about 350 pizzas being sold each second. However the most successful Hut is in Moscow selling approximately 6,500 pounds worth of pizza, drinks and pasta in a day.


This is probably not what you would love to hear but it is one of the many facts that many people ignore or have no idea. The 12″ pizza contains around 1920 kcal, therefore just know how much calories you need to burn after several bites of Pizza.