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Pharmacies have always been necessity in neighborhoods. Most of them are 24 hours, which can help when you need any type of medicine at all hours of the day. You can find anything that you need to make you or your family feel better in a single stop. There is a pharmacist that you can ask about any of the medicines in store, whether they might be prescriptions or over-the-counter products.

Today, most pharmacies also offer a variety of health services on site for their customers. You can get simple vaccinations, like the flu shot. They also often have areas to test your blood pressure, as well. They can provide all types of wellness care for their patrons.

Pharmacy stores often have flexible hours, as most are open daily and 24 hours. This can provide excellent opportunities for people who need a second job or for someone who is working around a school schedule. Most lower level positions do not require any higher education, and often can be taken on by older high school students.

With pharmacies constantly being built or expanding, there can be a great opportunity for employment in this industry. They offer different positions for people of different skills or education level, and can offer a great place to work.

Job Opportunities

Here are just some options if you are interested in obtaining employment in a field like this:

Pharmacy Technician: The pharmacy technician is mostly responsible for assisting the pharmacist. They will also assist the customers that visit the department. They bring the prescription to the customer if they were ordered over the phone for pick up. They will be the ones who input all information into the computer, such as insurance information and new prescriptions. They also handle packaging the prescriptions for the pharmacist. A pharmacy technician must be familiar with the state laws and regulations regarding safe handling of the medicines and any information on properly handing the customer their medicine. They must know the privacy policies set by the state regarding medicines. To obtain this position, you will need to be at minimum 18-years-old with a high school diploma and pass a background check and random drug testing. You will also need a pharmacy technician certifications and 600 hours of education in pharmacy or practical hours on site. You can make around $14 per hour.

Pharmacist: A pharmacist is the person who will actually fill the prescriptions properly, based on the state and federal guidelines. They can answer questions about the medicines for the customers, and help them discuss interactions with other medicines as well as how to properly administer the medicines. A pharmacist will supervise and train the technicians to ensure that they are doing their jobs efficiently and to the code of their state and federal regulations. They are responsible for maintaining the security of their area and providing a trusting customer service to the patrons. In stores where vaccinations are available, it is the pharmacist’s job to administer the vaccines. They often work longer shifts than other staff, sometimes up to 12 hours. To become a pharmacist, you must be at least 18 years old and be able to pass a background check and random drug tests. Most stores require at least a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or a related field to obtain this position. There are certifications that must be obtained prior to gaining employment. A pharmacist can make an average of $56 per hour, depending on level of education.

Cashier: The cashier normally maintains the retail section of the pharmacy store. They will receive payment from customers. They also must walk around the store to ensure that it is neatly organized and clean when there is downtime. They provide customer assistance in finding items in the store and can give suggestions on non-medicine related items. They assist customers with purchasing non-medicine related items that are locked up in the main retail section of their store. To be a cashier, you must be at least 18 since the counter sells tobacco related products. There is no minimum education requirement for this position. Typically, a cashier will make around $9-$10 per hour.

Shift Supervisor: Similar to a cashier, they will often provide customer service needs for the patrons of their store. They do not handle any managerial tasks like hiring or firing employees, but are responsible for the staff when a manager is not present. They are in charge of making sure that the displays are set up and meet the company policies on setting up the display. A shift supervisor is tasked with stocking the shelves and keeping track of the inventory. They must keep an eye on products to be sure they have not expired and must dispose of them if they might be expired. They are responsible for the cash drawers in the store, as directed by the manager. To be a shift manager, you must be 18-years-old since tobacco products are sold in store. It is preferred to have at least 1 year experience in a supervisory position and at least a 2 year degree. This position pays around $12 per hour.

Job Outlook

The growth in this industry can be around 14%, which is faster than the 11% national average. This is as a result of people getting older and requiring more medicines and wellness services. As their needs grow, as does this industry. In lower level positions there is a high turnover rate as a result of employees finding other positions elsewhere.

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