Pet Supplies Plus Application & Careers

Pet Supplies Plus is a privately held company selling pet supplies in the US. This company sells a wide selection of pet supplies and services like self-serve dog wash and grooming.

This American pet supplies retailer was founded by Jack Berry and Harry Shallop in 1988. The company’s corporate office is in Livonia, Michigan. Their products and services are offered to all pet owners across the country.

As of 2015, Pet Supplies Plus has more than 300 stores in 33 states. They also currently have over 4,000 trained, efficient and pet-friendly employees who help them provide the best pet care and services possible to their loyal customers.

The company offers limited benefits to part-time employees. Their full-time workers, however, are able to receive different industry-standard benefits including: 401(k) retirement plans and paid time off. In addition, the company also provides career promotion opportunities and competitive salaries to all employees.

Pet Supplies Plus offers a fun and exciting work setting that is somewhat challenging at times. Likewise, they offer great salaries, benefits, and job security. These are just a few of the reasons why people love working at this company.

How old do you have to be to work at Pet Supplies Plus?

Applicants must be 17 years old and above to qualify for the entry-level and managerial positions offered by this American pet supplies retailer. Likewise, job seekers must be college or high school graduates. Applicants with GED certificates may also apply.

Pet Supplies Plus Careers

Part-time and full-time job opportunities are offered by this American pet supplies retailer. Interested applicants may apply today for the following positions:

Cashiers: Cashiers are friendly employees who assist the customers at the counter. Their job involves bagging the items purchased, honoring discount coupons, collecting payments, and issuing receipts. Sometimes, they get out of the counter to assist the customers with concerns or questions. They take care of the cash registers, store receipts, deposit and withdrawal records.

Pet Groomers: People who become pet groomers have been given the necessary training which enables to do their job efficiently and safely. They interact with dogs, cats, birds and other pets every day. Their job involves examining the pets’ paws, fur, and teeth as part of checking their health. They help the pet owners in taking care of their four-legged friends.

Assistant Managers: They work under the managers’ supervision. When their superiors are absent, it is an assistant managers task to oversee everything. Their job involves supervising their team members. Assistant managers must make sure their team members are doing well at work. They train and discipline their subordinates. Also, they deal with customer complaints, questions, and concerns on behalf of their managers.

Retail Store Managers: Retail store managers take care of the stores in general. Together with their assistants, they manage, train and discipline their team members. Also, they deal with customer complaints and questions. Retail store managers always give their best to maintain the stores’ smooth operations. They enforce store policies that are to be followed by all team members.

Team Members: They carry out the basic cashier, sales, and stocking roles to help customers in finding what they would like to buy. Though some locations provide full-time jobs, team members are mostly part-time employees. As pet shop workers, they should stay proficient with animal needs and inventory. Customers count on them for insights which are crucial when making purchase decisions.

Corporate Accountant: A corporate accountant analyzes data to assist in business decision-making. He also manages financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting. A corporate accountant oversees accounting procedures, so he can ensure amenability with the rules. He usually gathers financial ledgers and data. Sometimes, he consolidates and analyzes financial reports and results.

District Sales Manager: A district sales manager supervises the stores’ sales force, and she creates sales plans & projections within her area. She monitors sales, provides training to new employees, reports sales records and revenues to company’s executive officers. A district sales manager also ensures success in reaching the given sales objectives.

Payroll Coordinator: A payroll coordinator handles all payroll-related tasks in companies. He processes the payrolls, benefits and taxation forms. Likewise, a payroll coordinator maintains employee data, and he responds to payroll inquiries. Other tasks he needs to accomplish are crucial for supervising and monitoring the payroll process.

Executive Assistant: An executive assistant works together with high-level executives to give top-level assistance. She handles more complex tasks in a company than an entry-level secretary or assistant. An executive assistant handles various secretarial tasks each day. She organizes meeting schedules and sustains a complex filing system or database.

Stock Clerks: Stock clerks are tasked with performing different clerical work for warehouses. They are the ones in charge of receiving, as well as overseeing the merchandise that’s meant for deliver. Aside from this job, they are also given the job of physically inspecting goods while implementing the safety measures for stocks management. They respond to inquiries about their products, stocks, and supplies.

Pet Supplies Plus Application

Applicants for entry-level, managerial, distribution and corporate positions are encouraged to visit the company’s website to know more. The vacancies can be seen on the website, but they are also posted on job posting websites.

Candidates may visit the nearest Pet Supplies Plus stores in their location to get a copy of the standard application form. However, the standard employment process with this company remains applying through the web.

Applicants should fill out the application form and make it clean. Everything they write on it must be the same with what was written on their resume. Candidates are requested to submit their form and resume at the same time.

Just like their application form, applicants must check their resume for any incorrect entries. The company will not accept an outdated and incomplete resume. Also, it should have a recent photo of the applicants on the upper left or right side.

Qualified candidates will receive a call or message from the company’s HR Department regarding the interview. Applicants who will be invited for the interview should arrive on time. Wearing casual business clothing is a must.

Facts About Pet Supplies Plus

This American pet supplies retailer introduces its new employees to a work setting that is full of fun and some challenges. Employees are exposed to different friendly animals like dogs and cats. The company’s culture is for all pet lovers.

As they want to surprise their valued customers, this company revealed through its website a few discounted pet supplies like cat treats and dog food. This promo will be from February 22 until March 28, 2018.

Pet Supplies Plus is also well-known for providing all-natural pet products. They offer a wide variety of choices for pet food, which are free from any hazardous chemicals and additives. The company guarantees the quality and affordable pricing of their pet supplies.

Giving back to the community is always a mission for them. Most franchise owners are pet lovers who host different pet adoption programs. Others organize several fundraising campaigns to raise funds for local pet rescue associations and animal shelters. 

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