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Pet stores are the place to go for your animal friends to pick up supplies and anything else they might need. Sometimes, you might even find some companions there to take home to your family. You can purchase food for all types of domestic animals, snacks, accessories and even take advantage of some of the services that these places can offer their guests.

Since this is in the retail category of industries, like other retail shops you can find a lot of flexibility with hours and days that you can work. This is great for people who need a second job. This is also an ideal industry for high school or college students that need to work around their school schedules for employment. There is also mostly no degree required to obtain employment here.

There are many different types of positions one can obtain in a field like this. For any department you might work in, you will absolutely need customer service skills. You should also have a love of animals to really succeed here. That passion for helping people and love of animals can go a long way here, and will help you love your job more.

Job Opportunities

These are just some of the jobs that you can find within a pet shop:

Cashier: A cashier is responsible for dealing with the customers as they exit the store. They will receive payments for the purchases, so they should know the payment policies for their company. A cashier often also deals with any returns or exchanges, so they should also be aware of those policies. Fairly often, cashiers deal with many customer issues therefore they must have great ability working with people. A cashier might also be responsible for assisting the customer with bringing larger items out to their car if help is needed. During down time they will be expected to help around the store including cleaning, stocking shelves and handling the store’s displays. They will be required to ensure their store appearance is kept up with the standards of their company. The cashier must also be sure that their cash drawer is balanced. A person does not need to have any special level of education to obtain employment as a cashier. On the job training is necessary to teach the policies of their company. A cashier will typically only make the state’s minimum hourly wage.

Sales Associate: The sales associate is the person who is located out on the floor, assisting the guests of their store. A sales associate should have in-depth knowledge of the products sold within their store. This is so that they can help the customers purchase the items that best suit their needs. They must also be knowledgeable in aspects of pets, so they can really help their customers get the proper items that they need for their pet’s health and wellness. Having a love of animals does help, as often guests will bring their pets in store to help pick out items or to take advantage of the services in the store. A good sales person will be very knowledgeable in the services that the store provides so they can answer any questions about those services and why they are beneficial to their customer’s pets. If you work in a section specializing with specific animals, having an expertise in those animals is a necessity. For instance if you work in the aquatics department, you should have experience with knowing which fish can cohabitate with others so that the customer does not have problems with their fish tank. You should have basic knowledge of the animals within that department to help the customer make sure that they maximize their pet’s lifespan and quality of life. Sales associates might also have to help out at the cash register or help carry larger items to their guest’s car. There is no level of education required, other than on the job training. A sales person can make around $9-$10 per hour, depending on experience.

Pet Groomer/Pet Stylist:  A pet groomer, also known as a pet stylist in some stores, is responsible for keeping up the appearance of your pet. Most stores offer this service to their customers. A groomer should be excellent with customers. They should style the pet according to the customer’s wishes, while minding the physical needs of any breed of their customer’s pets. They must know how to properly and safely wash the pets, and be able to properly groom them according to the customer’s wishes and the guidelines of pet grooming. Some of these services include: bathing, brushing and cleaning teeth, trimming nails, and applying any beauty treatment requested by the customer. A stylist must maintain the safety guidelines for animals while they are responsible for them. A stylist must also be sure the grooming area is kept clean and organized at all times. Groomers are also responsible for booking appointments for the customers and following up after a grooming session to ensure customer satisfaction. A high school diploma is required to gain employment in this position. One must also have passed grooming certifications to be in this career. A groomer can make around $13 per hour.

Stock Person: An important necessity for a stock person is the ability to lift up to 50lbs. A stock person is responsible for accepting deliveries into the store. They will then do the pricing for the items, and stock the shelves in a neat and organized manner. They should ensure that all inventory paperwork and stocking is done in a timely manner, and make sure that they have the right pricing on the right items. This position is very physically demanding, with constant heavy lifting and going between kneeling and standing the entire shift. They must follow the company’s procedures for stocking shelves to ensure everything is at the company’s standards as well as following the safety protocol to ensure their safety. There is no special level of education to be in this field. A stock person will probably make around $12 per hour.

Job Outlook

The job growth in this industry is about 11%. This is the same as the national average for other industries. The reason for this is because most people in an industry like this are in it for experience so that they can move onto other careers which create a high turnover rate. There is also seasonal employment that opens up during the year that creates more jobs during the holiday season.

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