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Exemplifying the idea of a home-grown American success story, Perdue Farms has grown from a humble poultry company run by a young couple and their small child, to a recognised stalwart of the agricultural industry, selling recognized brand-name food.
Founded in 1920 by Arthur Perdue, the company originally sold eggs to other farmers, before expanding to include baby chickens. After his son, Frank, assumed leadership post World War II, the company was officially incorporated as A.W. Perdue & Son and began to see massive growth, expanding its operations, acquiring subsidiaries, and revolutionising its technology and practices to stay abreast of industry standards, all the while maintaining its family values.
Perdue Farms and its subsidiaries, Perdue Foods and Perdue Agriculture, are responsible for supplying chicken, pork, turkey, grains, soybean meals and vegetable oil to millions in America and the world every year, earning over $6 billion in annual sales.
Presently headed by a third generation family member, Mr Jim Perdue, the company retains its original commitment to quality, integrity and teamwork, while also casting a spotlight on its corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.
Starting in 2007, the company removed all human antibiotics from its poultry feed and launched the antibiotic-free brand Harvestland. By 2014, it had removed all other kinds of antibiotics as well, and expanded its antibiotic-free range to include the Simply Smart and Perfect Portions products. It has also established the Franklin P. Arthur W. Perdue Foundation for charitable giving.

Perdue Farms Interview Questions

What problems have you ever had with your boss? This is the biggest brain teaser of all, the interviewer will eagerly wait to hear you talk bad of you previous boss which may cause you big time. Always state positive moments that you had with your former boss and the organization, make it short and pretend not to remember any bad times you had with the boss.

What is your take working under pressure? You can state that you like to work under certain pressures depending on the job in sight. Give examples that will show how best you would work under pressure and tight supervision. Impress the interviewer that working under tight pressure makes one deliver the best.

What do you specifically look in a job? Make it general and again do not be specific. Try to state a wide range of work that you can do, don’t limit yourself let the organization in place specify what you can do best depending on your application and your answers.

In your profession what has been your biggest disappointment? Outline a situation that was way out of hand or rather beyond your control. Be careful not to mention any negative feelings rather show acceptance and resilience.

Concerning your salary tell us your range? Do not haste to give an answer on this or you will lose the job. Make it look difficult to answer, or may be through it back to the interviewer depending on your relation with them.. After that you can state the wage depending on the job description.

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