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Party City is a chain of party supply stores in America. It remains to be the biggest retailer of party supplies in Canada and the US, and has over 900 franchises and branches.

The company was established by Steve Mandell in 1986, when there were no leading party good stores in America. Although there were retail stores that sold limited party supplies, Mandell did not see any major player in the industry, and thus no competition.

Party City is touted to be the best in terms of Halloween décor and supplies in North America. Moreover, it has established its corporate headquarters in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Employees who work at Party City are offered health, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance. The company offers a 401,000 pension plan for retired employees, and gives incentives to high performing staff members. Other benefits include flexible working hours, family medical leave, paid time off and vacation, sick days, and paid holidays.

Party City is known for giving competitive salaries. The atmosphere of the party industry is quite contagious, and it’s no wonder Party City employees are full of fun and life. Employees likewise get discounts.

How old do you have to be to work at Party City

The minimum age requirement for entry level jobs is 16 years old. For higher positions, Party City accepts applicants at least 18 years of age. Employees are expected to work from 9:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.

Party City Careers

Store Associate

He works for 8 to 9 hours daily, handles cash transactions, and monitors stocks on shelves. Working until weekends depends upon the volume of orders and client requests. Store associates are expected to exemplify excellent communication and people skills.

Team Leader

The team leader acts as middle man between the store associate and managers. He must be in the store from opening until closing time. He is also responsible for authorizing returns and discounts, and supervising cash transactions. They must have a pleasing and creative personality.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager is a creative thinker who has superior communication and organizational skills. He should stay and supervise the staff from opening until the closing of the store. When the general manager is not around, he checks and does bank deposits, and implements changes in the price of goods.

General Manager

The job of the general manager is to supervise the employees, payroll, and the store’s revenues. He possesses great leadership skills and the ability to motivate people. He creates and executes promotion schedules and trainings for the staff.

District Manager

This is the highest managerial position at Party City. He oversees 8 to 12 branches within a given area and works closely with general managers in running the day-to-day business operations. He is a strategic thinker, planner, and doer. He is mostly concerned with earning more revenues for the company.

Operations Specialist

The primary purpose of the Operations Specialist is to make sure that store operations work according to the company’s standards. He is mostly assigned to front end compliance management and other key operational roles. He helps in recruiting, hiring, and managing the Associate team.

Merchandise Specialist

He is in charge of directing store freight flow, coordinating stockroom operations, organizations, and merchandise transfers, and interviewing prospective Associate team members. He acts as director on duty whenever necessary. He also trains new hires and gives staff constructive feedback.

Senior Security IT Engineer

He reviews, revises, and implements procedures and policies pertaining to the data systems of the company. He safeguards information from malicious content and hacking tactics. He will remedy any flaws in the data security system and regularly review audit trails and system logs.

Party Pro

The party pro must be an energetic and enthusiastic individual who can host events and help customers plan their parties. He possesses selling skills and knows products very well. He also uses all media channels to connect to customers and research about ongoing trends in party planning.

Merchandising Coordinator

The primary responsibilities of a merchandising coordinator include using merchant systems for key analytical reports, and disseminating them to the Merchant Team. He likewise helps the team in product placements and setups. As much as possible, the merchandising coordinator monitors communication among the team, and to vendors.

Party City Application

To apply, choose a store in a particular state. Determine what position you are applying for. It would help to browse the website itself for the job listings, or go to job search websites.

Online application is possible. There is a downloadable and printable application form in PDF. Further instructions are found in Party City’s Online Assessment Site.

Once the application form has been filled out and signed, applicants have to register as candidates on the website. They will be asked to create a username and password before they could click the Apply button.

Strengths and special skills must be highlighted in the resume. Applicants must indicate their specific areas of study, researches done (if any), and special trainings attended. It’s imperative that they show areas or skills where they can be seen as strong candidates for the job.

Aside from a 40-minute questionnaire that applicants will have to accomplish, they will also go through an interview. They will be asked about their knowledge of customer service, so it’s best to know the standards of the company.

Things to Know About Party City

Party City believes in passion and energy as the driving force in the company. Employees love the excitement of the staff and managers whenever they receive orders and inquiries from clients. The philosophy behind Party City is to “walk the talk” and embody what the company  stands for.

Party City usually announces its Clearance Sale, in which products have incredibly low prices. At present, over 850 stores will be selling items at a discount. Customers will be able to save up to $30.

Employees and clients know Party City for its unique party ideas, such as the Red Heart Balloons theme for Valentine’s, or the Mardi Gras Party. Party City has almost any product for any theme. In addition, their special party packages can be availed at a discounted price.

Party City will be participating in the 2018 ICR Conference, which will be held in Orlando, Florida. The webinar is live and will be participated in by Party City staff and its investors. The company is deeply committed to providing quality and honest service to their clients, even to the extent of sharing its annual report on the website.

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