Panda Express Interview Questions

Panda Express ApplicationIf you can work in a fast paced environment, typically in a mall, then you would be a great candidate for Panda Express. Positions include Counter Help, Cashier, Cook, Service and Kitchen Team, and Manager. These top interview questions give a basic idea of the interview process and what the company expects.

Panda Express Interview Questions

These are questions asked at most interviews that should give a general idea of what you’re in for.

What do you know about Panda Express? You should be knowledgeable of the job and position you’re applying for, and if you aren’t, do your homework before the interview. A brief summary is all you need. 

Tell me about yourself. Speak highly of yourself. You’re selling yourself to the interviewer, and you need to make them want to hire you. It is okay to boast. 

What kind of skills will you bring to the company? Your résumé will list your skills, but you will still need to name them yourself. Also, skills aren’t always technical, such as typing speed. Speak about your bubbly personality or how much work you put into your job. 

What’s your favorite item on the menu? Hopefully, you’ve eaten at Panda Express if you want a job there, and you should have a specific meal you enjoy. This should be something you can sell to a customer that asks what they should try. Give great detail about it and why you like it. 

Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Restaurant experience isn’t necessary, but it is helpful if you have it. Tell them about skills you learned and how they will help you if hired with Panda Express. 

What would your previous boss say about you? You will more than likely have a former boss as a reference or contact from a previous job, and you should have a general idea of what said person would say about you as an employee. Use the same examples you used when informing them about you. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? This question is usually asked to see if you have set goals for yourself. Discuss your future plans and what you’re doing to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

Do you have any questions for me? Always come with questions of your own. Ask about training you may receive, your uniform/dress code, and/or what hours you will be working.

The questions are standard and easy to answer; none of the questions are over the top.

Interview Tips

Do your homework and research Panda Express before coming in for an interview. Learn the menu, what each meal includes, and the different plates people can order. Also, learn the history of the franchise and how it has grown over the years. The information you have on your own, the more impressed they’ll been.

The company seeks out very hard working individuals, so express that when answering questions. It’s not required, but they are looking for individuals that are willing to work extra hours, if needed, and will have somewhat open availability. Showcase as much of your personality as you can.

The interview can be individual based or in a group setting. The interview is standard question and answer, and will take about thirty minutes. Answer each question clearly and try to avoid saying “I don’t know.” Also, have a few questions of your own. Ask about how many hours you may receive or what shifts they’re looking to fill. Ask what kind of training you will need and how long it will usually take.

Although your meeting may seem very serious, if you have confidence and remain positive, it will go well. Just prepare for the interview before arriving.