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Mike Gallagher started Packing and Shipping Specialists in Hobbs, New Mexico in 1981. He started this business because he saw an opportunity. He saw that there was a growing demand for mail order companies because customers needed to send back unwanted merchandise. In 1985, the company moved to Texas, and since then, it has opened hundreds of stores.

Packaging and Shipping Specialists is a franchise, but it lets the owner chose the name, set up, and furnishings. This means that you could own a store with the training, assistance, and management help from the corporate office. The corporate office also helps with daily store operations, pricing, sales, advertising, and whatever the owner needs.

As an owner of a store, you could offer a variety of services. These include packing and mailing, eBay trading assistance, full-service copying and printing, fax services, mailbox rentals, Sony picture station, and retail specialty gifts. The corporate office has experience running all these services and can help you succeed.

This is a unique franchise opportunity because you get the room to be creative in making your business and you don’t have to pay any royalties. This means you can optimize your profit. Packing and Shipping Specialists will help you earn money and grow, perhaps allowing you to start a multi-store operation.

Packaging and Shipping Specialists Careers

Careers are available with the corporate office, as a franchise owner, and working in a Packing and Shipping Specialists store. Corporate office and franchise owner opportunities are listed on the company website. For in store opportunities, each franchise does its own hiring on site. Packing and Shipping Specialists jobs are a unique opportunity of which you should take advantage.

To get started on the corporate and franchise front, you can fill out a QuickResponse Inquiry on the company website. It will ask a few brief questions about your interest in Packing and Shipping Specialist careers. It is also possible to you the download application form and fax it to the corporate office.

How old do you have to be to work at Packing and Shipping Specialists? The minimum age to work is the minimum working age unique to the store locations of the store and is up to the discretion of the owner. Working at the store is an entry-level position, and there is no experience required.

Packing and Shipping Specialists jobs are typically two full-time employees who report directly to the owner. Owners may have three-five part-time employees, and/or an operational manager, as well. These employees receive training form the franchise owner. The franchise owner receives a week of training at the training center before opening the store.

Packaging and Shipping Specialists Job Descriptions

Customer Service – This is the in store job. You will help customers with all of their mailing and shipping needs, stock the store, keep it clean, and keep track of money. It is important to be friendly and careful when dealing with customers. The owner or manager may train you in special sales techniques. Salary is minimum wage.

Operational Manager – There are some locations that have management positions. This means overseeing the work of the Customer Service Members. Your job could include setting up a work schedule, completing payroll, training staff on equipment, and unveiling new products. You will report directly to the franchise owner. Salary depends on the location.

Franchise Owner – A Franchise Owner is the owner of the store. They are responsible for all sales, employees, and upkeep. Their success is completely dependent on how well they can manage their store. They can turn to the corporate office for help and training. They can also work to expand their business, owning multiple stores. Salary depends on innovation and ambition.

Corporate Employee – Corporate employees are based in Texas. They help franchises achieve success. They may be responsible for training at the training centers, being on-call when owners need help, reviewing franchise applications, and completing franchise audits. Some of these positions will require travel or special skills. Salary ranges based on position.

Packaging and Shipping Specialists Interview Questions

Part of the Packaging and Shipping Specialists application is the interview, so get prepared.

Why do you want to work with use? To answer this question, it is important to read through the website and understand the services and values of the company. You will want to reference specific things you’ve read when answering this question. You can also cite information from your application form about your interests and career goals.

What are you seeking for employment? By asking this question, the interview is seeking to know your goals and expectations. For a job to work, it is important that the employer and job seeker have the same knowledge of the job description. To make sure this is the case, read up on the responsibilities before you apply online. Do not mention salary.

Why would we benefit from hiring you? Make a compelling case for your unique and valuable characteristics. Use your personality traits and experience working the industry to explain what makes you an asset. In jobs like this, it can be good to mention that you work well as a team member and are good at following instructions.

What important services do we offer? You should have knowledge of the products and services you will be selling. This means that when you are looking at the Packaging and Shipping Specialists job application online, you also need to read up on what the company does. Think of why people would need these services.

Do you have any concerns about this job? It is important to mention any physical limitations you have. Also, mention anything you found confusing in the online application. You can ask about benefits, salary, and hours, if you are interested. You can also ask about the other job opportunities available in the store.

Advice for Application Process

For all entry-level positions, there is no online application. Rather, the Packaging and Shipping Specialists application can be found at each local store. Going to a store for a direct application gives you the opportunity to meet the manager and owner and to see what this company’s jobs look like.

If you are interested in corporate jobs or franchise ownership, there is a different Packaging and Shipping Specialists application. You can find these applications through a link on the company website to a printable application for Packing and Shipping Specialists. You fill out a brief, free application, and then the corporate office will ask you for more information, like a resume.

If you are asked to an interview, bring the printable application form with you. You want to seem reading for Packaging and Shipping Specialists careers. Prepare for the questions ahead of time. You can even ask other employees for advice about how to apply for Packaging and Shipping Specialists online.

When you apply for jobs at Packaging and Shipping Specialists, take your time, be vigilant, and be careful. When you look at Packaging and Shipping Specialists jobs online, if there is anything you don’t understand, contact the company. It is always good to show interest in their careers and positions.
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