O’Reilly Auto Parts Application & Careers

The O’Reilly Automotive Inc. is an auto-parts retailer company. Apart from their retail products, they also offer various auto services such as drum and rotor resurfacing, battery testing, alternator and starter testing, and wiper blade and bulb installation.

The company was founded in November 1957 in Springfield, Missouri by father and son tandem, Charles F. and Charles H. O’Reilly. They opened their first store on December 2, 1957, with only 11 employees at Sherman, Springfield.

On December 2, 2017, the company celebrated its 60 years in the auto-parts business. Now, it has about 5,000 stores in 47 states, with more than 75,000 employees.

The company offers competitive benefits to its full-time employees. Examples of which are medical plans, life insurance, disability plan, accident and critical illness insurance, 401 (k) savings plan, FSA, holiday pay, and wellness programs.

Finally, people like working with the company because they value their team members and it is a great place to learn and improve one’s career path.

How old do you have to be to work at O’Reilly Company?

The minimum age requirement to work at the company is at least 18 years old for their entry-level job positions. They also require applicants to have high school diploma or its equivalent.

O’Reilly Careers

The company is an equal opportunity employer which means that they do not discriminate applicants according to gender, race, class, religion, age, or disability. Also, they offer various job opportunities in automotive, IT, and real estate. Here are some of its career options:

Central Support Assistant: The Central Support Assistant is in-charge with the distribution of the mail in an accurate and timely manner. Also, he is expected to deliver the office supplies, forms, and other material orders of each store or department. This job position is full-time and must work from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Custodian: This position requires janitorial and housekeeping duties in the store location. Some of the tasks include emptying the trash containers, sweeping of the floors, and maintaining the cleanliness of the cleaning storage. Furthermore, custodians must be flexible to work in various schedules.

Forklift Operator: The Forklift Operator must be able to operate a forklift to load and unload products in the distribution centers. He is also expected to have the right knowledge in the maintenance of the condition of forklifts to ensure efficient and safe operation. Finally, he must be able to work on a flexible schedule.

Local Delivery Driver: The Local Delivery Driver is required to deliver the automotive parts from the warehouse to the stores using the company vehicle. He must be able to maintain the vehicle in good condition to avoid accidents on the road. Furthermore, the local delivery driver must have a valid driver’s license and a motor vehicle record.

Maintenance Technician: The Maintenance Technician is responsible for guaranteeing that the building plus its equipment are in good condition to avoid downtime of operations. He must be able to repair the equipment that needs fixing. Finally, he must report directly to the Maintenance Supervisor for further instructions.

Office Support: This job position requires one to provide outstanding customer service plus he must have excellent clerical skills to support the distribution center of the company. This is a full-time job position and the Office Support staff must work closely with the DC management.

Route Driver: The Route Driver must deliver the parts ordered by the customers at the right place and at the right time. They must know how to drive a truck. The trucks provided by the company have electrical pallet jacks so they can be able to operate it smoothly and safely.

Safety and Security Specialist: The Safety and Security Specialist is expected to assure the security of the properties of the company plus the general safety of the team members situated in the distribution center. He will be tasked to monitor the entry and the exit of the team members, visitors, and partners using a metal detector.

Warehouse Worker-Counter Support: The Warehouse Worker Counter-Support plays an important role in the company because they face the customers who pick-up parts at the warehouse centers. This counter-support must be able to pull the parts accurately and quickly. He must also be able to maintain a safe working place.

Warehouse Worker-Material Handler: The Warehouse Worker-Material Handler must be able to put the products in the right place and at the right time. He is responsible for stocking the products and loading and unloading it from the totes. This is a full-time position and is able to work a flexible schedule.

O’Reilly Application

Interested applicants can apply at the official website of the company. To get started, you can create a profile using LinkedIn or Facebook. Thereafter, you can upload your resume on the site.

The application must be done online, although the company organizes several job fairs where you can submit your resume and be interviewed on the spot.

Meanwhile, if you wish to submit your application online, make sure that you fill-up all the requested information. Write your email, name, and area of job interest.

In making your resume, include all the necessary information that can help you land the job position you’re applying for. Indicate your personal information, educational background, and work experience.

Finally, wait for the email or call from the Human Resource of the company regarding the schedule of your interview. Answer all the questions of the HR accordingly and always be honest and polite.

Things To Know About O’Reilly

The company has cultivated a culture wherein it treats each worker as team members and they have an important role to play in providing excellent customer service to its customers. They respect each other and thrive onwards a win-win environment.

Meanwhile, the public stock offering of the company is well-received by investors and its success continues up to date. In February 2017, they have announced its leadership succession plan to continue the on-going development of the company.

The establishment is known for automotive parts, equipment, tools, supplies, and other accessories. They also sell their products to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) customers and professional installers too.

Finally, they are also visible on various social media platforms. They also host motorsports NASCAR and NHRA events to have an engaging and lasting relationships with their clients.

Application Links

Company: https://www.oreillyauto.com/

Careers: https://corporate.oreillyauto.com/onlineapplication/careerpage

Application: https://corporate.oreillyauto.com/onlineapplication/careerpage