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Olive Garden is a franchise that is famous for providing fine and family oriented dining services to its customers. The company focuses on providing quality food services to customers who wish to have an excellent dining experience.

The company was founded in 1982 by Bill Darden. Originally starting as a small restaurant franchise, it has become one of the most famous restaurant brands in the country.

Today, Olive Garden has more than 800 branches across the world. This number continues to grow as Olive Garden attempts to expand its business in more locations in the globe.

Those who work full time for Olive Garden are provided with meal discounts. They are also prioritized when the company is considering hiring people for managerial positions. Personal benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare choices, and paid time off.

People who have stayed with Olive Garden for a long time cite the friendly working environment as well as the numerous opportunities for professional growth as reasons for staying.

How old do you have to be to work at Olive Garden?

For entry level jobs at Olive Garden, applicants need to be at least 16 years old in order to qualify. On the other hand, managerial positions will require a higher age requirement and more experience from applicants.

Olive Garden Careers

Most of the entry level positions offered by Olive Garden have to do with direct contact with customers. Therefore, many of these jobs will require applicants to be naturally friendly and outgoing individuals who enjoy customer service.

Host. Hosts play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction at Olive Garden. Hosts are the ones responsible for making sure that people have a fantastic dining experience. Workers need to be comfortable working in shifting schedules. They should also be okay with working on weekends when the necessity for a weekend schedule arises.

Server. Servers are the ones who directly communicate with customers. They are the ones responsible for getting customer orders and bringing those orders to the kitchen. For those who wish to apply for this position, a positive disposition and a love for customer service is needed.

Dishwasher. This entry level job requires workers to clean both dining and cooking utensils. Those who wish to apply for this position need to be able to multitask and perform tasks quickly.

Bartender. Bartenders are the people responsible for serving and maintenance at the bar. Although this is considered as an entry level job, aspiring applicants need to have an education in bartending, particularly in making drinks.

Preparation Cook. Preparation cooks are responsible for readying ingredients for the production cooks. Preparation cooks are required to be mindful of all around hygiene as they do their job. Applicants for this position need to have cooking skills. They also need to be alright with working in shifting schedules.

Production Cook. Production cooks are the ones who prepare customer orders. These employees need to be mindful of customer specifications and needs when it comes to their orders. Those who are aspiring to work as production cooks need to have some level of training in cooking.

Utility Worker. Utility workers are responsible for the cleanliness of the restaurant as a whole. They are responsible for cleaning all areas of the restaurant and for ensuring that the restaurant meets Olive Garden’s quality guidelines in terms of cleanliness.

Sales Person. Since Olive Garden offers promotions and packages to its customers, someone needs to advertise those products. This is where salespeople come in. This entry level job requires employees to be positive and adept at dealing with customer concerns.

Shift Manager. The responsibility of the shift manager is to make sure that a sufficient number of employees is ready to serve customers at any given time of the day. Part of the job of shift managers is to schedule employee work hours, check employee attendance, and schedule leaves or breaks.

Assistant Manager. Assistant managers are responsible for helping general managers with maintaining the restaurant as a whole. Assistant managers are responsible for training newly hired employees and helping out with certain management tasks.

General Manager. The general manager is responsible for the overall maintenance of the restaurant. General Managers also keep in touch with Olive Garden’s headquarters to make sure that policy updates and news are properly communicated to their respective branches.

Olive Garden Application

Applicants can choose between submitting applications online or by visiting a nearby restaurant branch. However, Olive Garden prefers that applicants submit their applications online.

The process for online application is apparently much faster, which is why Olive Garden prefers applicants to submit applications this way. Online submissions are immediately received and processed.

You will take an average of 45 minutes to complete the online application, and you will need to use an email address and a password in order for your application to go through. Answer the questions honestly and use your most updated information.

Since Olive Garden is a customer service focused business, you should make sure that you highlight any customer service experiences you have so that hiring managers can see you as a fit candidate for their vacant positions.

Hiring managers will expect all applicants to know something about the company. Therefore, apart from highlighting your customer service experiences, you should also study up on the history of the restaurant.

Facts About Olive Garden

Olive Garden is famous for its friendly atmosphere. Both customers and staff have commended the fresh and wonderful culture that is imbued in every Olive Garden branch, focused on positive customer service.

Olive Garden has opened its doors to interns as well. Recently, Olive Garden has welcomed students of hospitality courses through its doors, helping them gain experience in providing quality service to customers by giving internship opportunities.

The company is known for providing quality services to its customers. Furthermore, it is also known as a training ground for students who want to gain experience in hospitality courses.

Given the difficulty in finding employment in the country, Olive Garden has done its best to address issues with employment by opening its doors to fresh college graduates. Olive Garden accepts managers-in-training applications from college graduates. Those who graduated from a hospitality and customer service related course will, of course, be prioritized by the company.

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