Old Navy Application & Careers

A well-established accessories and clothing company, Old Navy is one of the biggest clothing stores in the United States but it is also known in most parts of the world. The company operates in major malls in America and is also a staple in most American states.

Originally, Old Navy started as a subsidiary of Gap, founded as a cheaper and completely different brand from its parent company. It was named after a Paris bar, starting as a clothing store before moving to selling accessories as well.

Old Navy locations are located across the United States. Flagship stores can be found in the Mall of America as well as in many different locations in Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. There are about 1,000 employees working in their store branches.

Employees of Old Navy receive an excellent benefits package, which include 401(k) retirement plans, paternity and maternity leave, paid time off, and vacation time. There are also life insurance benefits for regular employees.

People choose to work for Old Navy because of its friendly atmosphere, its focus on career development for employees, and its competitive benefits package. In addition, people who work for Old Navy also cite good employee management as part of the reason why they choose to stay.

How old do you have to be to work at Old Navy?

For entry-level jobs, applicants need to be at least 16 years old in order to apply. Higher positions in the company require older employees with more experience.

Old Navy Careers

Old Navy looks for workers who excel in fast paced environments while providing top-notch customer service experience. A majority of the jobs offered are entry level jobs, requiring a friendly demeanor and excellent people skills from applicants. These entry level jobs will deal with engaging and handling customer questions and complains.

Sales Associate: a sales associate is an entry level job requiring employees to advertise and generally cater to customer queries and requests regarding the apparel sold in the branch. They are the ones who greet customers as they enter the branch and ask them if they need any help.

Stock Clerk: a stock clerk is responsible for maintaining the branch’s product stock. They work to ensure that the company has enough supply of different kinds of accessories and apparel sold by Old Navy as a whole. They also maintain the number of products on displays.

Stock Associate: the stock associate is responsible for maintaining the number of items in the inventory. This means that this person is required to memorize the sales floor. Managers usually look for organization skills in people who apply for this job.

Stock Lead: a stock lead is responsible for keeping stock clerks and associates in line. They coordinate with the shift manager in ensuring attendance, and ensure company quality policies are implemented on a daily basis.

Cashier: a cashier is responsible for all money transactions made throughout the day by customers. Cashiers record customer purchases and take care of bagging sold items as well as dealing with customer complaints and requests.

Cashier Lead: a cashier lead is responsible for keeping cashiers in line, ensuring that purchases are recorded correctly, and maintaining cashier attendance in booths by daily attendance checks. The cashier lead is responsible for the overall performance of the cashier department.

Customer Experience Associate: apart from the sales associate, the customer sales associate is also responsible for maintaining customer relations and resolving customer complaints and concerns. Usual interactions include advertising product programs and offers to customers directly.

Shift Supervisor: shift supervisors are in charge of maintaining a certain number of people working in the branch for certain amount of hours through expert time organization skills. Although Old Navy usually doesn’t outsource this job, some branches open this position to interested applicants.

Assistant Manager: an assistant manager is responsible for helping the general manager with branch management duties, including employee training and stock maintenance. Workers who seek an assistant manager position can expect to earn as much as $50,000 annually.

General Manager: the general manager is the person responsible for the daily upkeep of the branch. General Managers are responsible for training of new employees, maintenance of stock, and updating employees regarding changes to company policy. General Managers often earn an annual salary of $68,000.

Old Navy Application

In terms of application, interested applicants can either go online and create an application profile or go to the nearest Old Navy branch to their location, and submit a resume in person. If delivering a resume in person, applicants are expected to dress appropriately.

Online applications are also accepted at Old Navy. In fact, their website allows for the creation of online profiles for applicants who are hesitant or unavailable to go in person to the nearest branch to their location.

When filling out the application form, make sure that you provide accurate information. The information you put in the form should be complete and updated.

When sending your resume, focus on highlighting skills that Old Navy look for, including speaking, organization, and people skills. Furthermore, highlight your previous work experience, especially if it has something to do with sales.

When it comes to the interview process, you will be asked questions about your work habit and ethics. Ensure that the manager sees that you are bright, energetic, and someone who enjoys customer service.

Facts About Old Navy

One of the qualities that set Old Navy apart is their friendly atmosphere. Employees cite the company’s friendly atmosphere as one of the reasons why they decide to stay with Old Navy through the years.

One of the most notable things about Old Navy is the fact that, in spite of the online migration happening in stores across the US, Old Navy has maintained itself as one of the few that has attracted customers to its doors.

Old Navy is known for selling clothing apparel. It is one of the most famous clothing brands in the world, known for not only providing fashionable clothing choices to customers, but also as a leader in excellent customer service.

Old Navy has made itself into a popular brand online as well. It has made itself continuously popular by maintaining social media presence while still retaining its physical branches. Furthermore, Old Navy has also supported numerous charities across the world.

Old Navy Application

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