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Owned by the International eyewear corporation Luxottica and founded in 1975, Oakley is an eyewear retailer catering to athletic lifestyles. Between the brand’s “O” and “Vault” branches, the company’s network extends over two hundred national and international retail locations in addition to online commerce.

Oakley is known for being associated with an athletic lifestyle. Their eyewear products are made with the idea in mind that their wearers are active and are therefore built to accommodate all wakes of weather conditions. From sun, to snow, to surf, the glasses are made to last. On their web blog, one would find posts highlighting people who have achieved athletic excellence or surpassed physical expectations including triathletes and professional snowboarders. Expansion of the brand has allowed the company to offer clothing and accessories in addition to the eyewear that launched them.

The retailer extends their lifestyle values throughout their philanthropic efforts. They publicly support organizations aiding visual impairment, U.S. military veterans, and breast cancer awareness. Becoming involved with or supported by Oakley is an easy, approachable process. The company actively accepts requests for product donations. Interested inquirers can access eligibility requirements at any time on their web page.

What separates Oakley from their competing retailers is innovation. The company has established themselves as a leading manufacturer of high definition optics, but continues to make advancements in the lens technology industry. Developments of 3D lenses have been underway as well as new state of the art goggles that will wirelessly allow wearers to connect to their action cameras. The brand continues to make products with their demographic in full consideration.

Oakley Interview Questions

Do you know of any blind spots about yourself? This is almost like a riddle, if you know a blind spot about yourself you have already given it the attention that it needs and thus it is not a blind spot anymore. If it is something that you know about yourself but for some reason you cannot fix or cannot work on, then it is probably better to leave it out of the answer and simply answer no. Knowing of a blind spot and then not fixing it is like setting yourself up to not get the position.

In any of your past work experience have you ever been asked to resign?  Basically asking if you have ever been fired, if you have never been asked to leave then you can say no. If you have, explain briefly the situation and do not be confrontational. Even if the experience was negative, avoid those parts and coat it with some positivity. Do not go into too much detail but also do not be so vague that the interviewer sees in necessary to ask a follow up question that may make you look bad.

What do you know about this company?  Doing research before the interview is crucial for this question and shows how eager and prepared you are. Paraphrasing the mission statement of the company or knowing the content of their “About Us” page on their website is a vital tool to have. Google the company to see their past involvement in charity, news articles, accomplishments etc. It is also okay to ask a related question about the company asking more detail about something you are genuinely curious.

Do you collaborate well with others? In any position even if you work alone, there is always someone you answer to therefor the answer should always be yes. Have an example of how you are a team player or anecdote ready to prove yourself. Use the word we and us when speaking about your experiences working in a team or with others. Body language is very important here because if you are saying one thing and your body says another it will give mixed signals that will be interpreted as a lie to the interviewer.

How would a co-worker describe you? Humanize the people you are speaking of, do not simply refer to the co-worker as a co-worker. State their name and position to build a reputation so what they said about you will make more of an impact. Sometimes even a good office nickname can tell someone a lot about you or a quote from a person of authority or importance to your job directly. Make sure you are modest and don’t seem like you are exaggerating how they would describe you. Be honest and this question will give the interviewer an outside perspective on how others see you.

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