Newbury Comics Application & Careers

Newbury Comics is a retailing company involved in selling of merchandise and rendering certain services to its customers both physically and online such as sales of clothing, comics, personalized gifts, pop culture, music, jewelry, cosmetics, sports merchandise, and much more.

The retailing company rooted in comic books on Newbury Street in Boston was established in 1978 by John bursger and Mike dresse who were once students of Massachusetts Institute of technology.

When the company was rising, Inc. magazine recognized it as one of the top fastest growing company in America. Based on the outspread of the company, it has over 25 stores in different locations in and outside New England states with over 201 employees all over.

There are diverse of benefits enjoyed by employees of Newbury comics, and they include, health insurance, the pension plan for retirees, family and parenting assistance, time off and vacations, perks and discounts, professional development and so on.

Employees enjoy working for the company because of their entitlement to great benefits and work flexibility. Working with co-workers and meeting interesting customers on a daily basis is fun. And it’s a fantastic place for lovers of music, fashion and comic related, to get accustomed to and updated on the latest.

How Old You Have to be Work At Newbury Comics

By Massachusetts law, anyone that wants to work in any retail corporation must be above 14years of age, and that is what applies in Newbury comic. But of course, it may not be applicable in other stores location outside Massachusetts.

Newbury Comics Career

With various categories of job opportunities available in Newbury comics, Employees can choose to work in different fields’ base on their area of specialization and career. Some of this opportunities include:

Cashier: A cashier receives payment of purchased goods from customers. They learn to abide by the company policies on payment, return, and exchange. They keep records of sales and give reports about financial records of sales on a daily basis.

Store manager: A store manager oversees the affairs of the store and the entire workers. They are responsible for every activity going on in the store including the balance of payment of sales each day. They assign duties to employees to initiate a transparent set of objectives for every task.

Retail sales associate: Retail sales associate manages the setup and in-store marketing of the company. They come in direct contact to interact with the customers to assist them to locate where the products they are in search of are arranged and also help to make the right choice.

Key holder: A key holder holds the key to the store. They ensure the opening of the store and closing of the store when all activities are over for the day. They are responsible for what comes in and exit the store. They ensure proper cleaning of the store environment and other duties assigned to them by the store manager.

Customer service associate: A customer service associate is a middleman between the company and the customer. They interact to the customer, and their duties include: providing necessary information on the good and services, company policies, finding a solution to customer’s complaints, answering questions and answers, taking the order and return.

Pay roll coordinator: Pay roll coordinator monitor and ensure the payment of salaries of every employee. They also handle the payroll account and bring into effect any additional or upgraded compensation plan of the company.

Internet sale associate: Internet sales associate manage any online transaction and online advertisement. They stand as a middle man between the company and the customers that prefer to order their goods online.

Warehouse worker: The warehouse worker process request order, incoming supply and supply order. They ensure the delivery of stock at order arenas. They maintain and handle materials available in the warehouse in accordance with the company operational standard and are accountable for the stocks that stored in there.

Warehouse Supervisor: A warehouse supervisor inspects every activity carried out by the warehouse workers and maintain inventory by conducting physical stock count, reconciling vacancies, supply delivery, scheduling products to be moved in and out of the warehouse. They ensure proper floor space organization, proper stock arrangement order and provide annual budget and expenditure on the stock.

Retail Stocker: A retail stocker ensures that the shelves in the store are properly stocked, and the right goods are sent on delivery base on order. They inform the warehouse on finished goods and request for another. They ensure that all old stuff is sold before refilling, and liquidated stuff is replaced.

Newbury Comics Application

How to apply:  To apply for a job at Newbury comics, the applicant should log into the company job application website to either apply online or download the application form. On the other hand, a resume can be submitted to the store manager at the store of your choice.

Of course, online application is available likewise in-store application depends on what the applicant prefers. For an online application, a PDF application form can be downloaded, or the form can be filled directly.

An applicant will be required to fill an application form consisting the basic information such as name, contact address, mobile number, and the area of interest of the applicant and so on.  After submission, the applicant can wait for a reply from the company.

The resume of the applicant should be short and simple, transparent and unambiguous. It should be a perfect representation of your capable personality and reflection of your professional qualifications.

The applicant needs to be knowledgeable about the products and general information about the company. Dressing in a modest attire to give a good impression is necessary, and the applicant has to be sure of his/her i nterest.

Facts About Newbury Comics

As new people come into the store on a regular basis to purchase stuff, meeting the needs of the customers is the concern of the company’s management, therefore, the employee work in regards to that. Because of a good collaborative system, employees work with all enthusiasm, show customers around the store and assist in making the right choice for the customers.

There are varieties of events commemorated by the company in their different locations, but the most remarkable event is the launching of the first store outside New England which is the 29th store on the 20th of August, 2016 located at Roosevelt field mall in the garden city, New York.

Newbury comics as its name spelled is apparently known for their great comics, vinyl, pop culture and music collections. It is also known for tremendously great selections of used DVDs and CDs

The founders of Newbury comic initiated “the wicked good angel fund” basically to encourage and invest in start-ups and struggling entrepreneur.  The company also promotes philanthropy by selling some of their products without profit during holidays with the aim of helping local charity homes.