Navy Federal Credit Union Application & Careers

navy federal credit union

Navy Federal is a credit union organization based in Vienna, Virginia in the United States. It boasts of over 6 million members and looking to grow. The credit union was formed to provide credit services to current and former department of defense staff.

It was founded in 1933, initially only meant to provide credit and financial services to the Navy Department employees. However, over the years, it has opened up its membership to include other members of staff from the entire Department of Defense.

The primary services being offered by Navy Federal to its members are financially based packages such as savings accounts, checking accounts and IRA accounts. It also extends credit facilities, mortgages and credit card services to its members. These services are readily available to people who currently serve the Department of Defense or those that have left.

Navy Federal is led by Cuther Dawson as the C.E.O & President while VADM John A. Lockard serves as the credit union’s chairperson. The company’s vision is focused on being the most preferred and trusted institution serving the military staff and their families.

The union’s commitment to the well-being of its members and personnel has not gone unnoticed. Some of the outstanding Awards received in recent years are FORTUNE Magazine 100 Best Companies in the years 2008 and 2012 and being selected among the 35 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for the Military.

Navy Federal Credit Union Interview Questions

What qualities do you look for in a boss? Be careful not to say negative things about what a boss should not be like. Instead, focus on stating the attributes of what you think makes one a good boss. Such things as impartial, having good leadership skills, a good decision maker, of good character, exercising equality, having a good command of authority, humble, ready to take listen to counsel.

Explain how you would be an asset to this organization? Talk of all your qualifications, work experiences, skills and abilities. Talk of how you can be of help in managing and eventually solving their current crisis. This is a matter of creativity. You did background checks on them and thus have an idea about what will serve them, present the solutions skillfully. Remember that the best ideas always sell out.

What kind of a person would you refuse to work with? Being a team player, you are adaptable to and can actually try and tolerate people and their characters. However, if there is a particular character in an individual that you know fully well you cannot tolerate, be free to point it out. And as always, do not be trivial about these kind of things. You should however be able to co-operate with co-workers.

Do you consider yourself successful? Success has so many varying and widespread definitions among individuals. It is important that you state your definition of success. The go on to talk about if you think you are successful and give out some valid reasons as to why you feel so. For instance your former co-workers admired and always looked up to you for assistance. If you however feel that you have not attained a certain level that if you did, only then would you truly feel successful, do not be shy to point it out. You can never know, that could be exactly the kind of ambition they are looking for in order to hire an interviewee.

What do you know about this organization? It is actually a requirement that, prior to any interview, you should have done some background checks about the organization. Then you will be informed about what they do, their vision, their goals, challenges and set-backs if any as well as recent projects they have embarked on. You should also have an idea about who are their partners and shareholders.

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