Motherhood Maternity Application & Careers

This company is all about mothers feeling and looking great in a very important time of their lives. They provide comfortable stylish clothes and accessories that would leave any mom to be feeling excited about the stage of life they are in.

In 1982 Rebecca Matthias founded the first of these popular stores. It was called Mothers Work, and the brand was so popular it quickly expanded to open stores and franchises at different locations.

In 2008 Mothers Work changes its name to Destination Maternity with lots of exciting brands incorporated, like A Pea in the Pod; Two Hearts; Motherhood Maternity; O Baby and many more.

In 2015 the corporate headquarters were moved to Moorestown, NJ and to date there is more than 40 stores operating and even franchise options are available for investors.

Thru the years many celebrities have partnered with this brand, making everyday mothers feel like celebrities themselves. Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Rosie Pope and Heidi Klum are only a few of the well known names that have combined their style with this brand.

Motherhood Maternity provides good benefits for permanent staff, although the hours are tough, employees enjoy working there and being part of the exciting part of their customer’s journey.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Motherhood Maternity?

All positions at this company require a high school diploma or equivalent, so it is safe to presume the minimum age will be 18. Some positions have need of an afterschool qualification, and experience is always a plus point.

Motherhood Maternity Careers

As with most retail positions hours are long and you need to be flexible. Most positions need you to move or pick up merchandise, so make sure you are up to those challenges.

Sales Associate: As the sales associate, part of your uniform for a day at work will be a permanent charming smile. Pregnant ladies tend to be on edge, smile and make her remember the wonderful stage of life that she is in. Help to make her look and feel beautiful, remember, you are the face of the company and part of the reason she will come back.

Team Sales Lead: You will be responsible to make every client’s experience one they will remember. It is your duty to ensure sales targets are met and the productivity of your team is up to standard. Training to optimize your team performance is also your responsibility.

Merchandise & Sales Coordinator: You will be a brand ambassador, building relationship with clients as well as leasing with head office. Sales are one of your biggest priorities and you will have to be vigilant in encouraging and motivating sales people on the floor. For this position you need to be self motivated and driven.

Store Manager: Loads of energy and a natural leader is a prerequisite for this position. You need to be passionate about the brand, the store and the clients. Your enthusiasm needs to be infectious to all around you, keeping a positive atmosphere in the business and the shop, all the while keeping an eye on your target and motivating everyone.

Assistant Store Manager: You will work closely with the store manager and you will take over all the manager duties if for some reason the manager is not available. Always ensure the client, or mom to be is the centre of attention, of you and everyone else.

General Manager: Motivating and pushing your team to do their best is one of your biggest priorities. Make every store a superstore. To achieve this you need to be aware of the different store’s targets and their performance. Remember every shop and team works differently and you need to motivate them effectively. You will need to oversee all financial aspects like payroll, expenses, inventory and budgets.

Photo Retoucher: For this exciting artistic job you need to have pre knowledge of printing, proofing, color management and have a great eye for detail. Retouching and color correction together with the sourcing of new images and the transfer and processing of old pictures will be your main duty.

Design Internship: If you have always designed the newest fashions for your Barbies, this job might be the one for you. You will work closely with the design department from the first concept to the finished product. You will assist in the sourcing of material and trimmings, seeing an end product from a picture.

Associate Planner: Your job will consist of two divisions; pre-season and in-season. You will need to have strong analytical as well as computer skills to make a success of this position. Identifying trends, stock purchasing and timing of your deliveries to different stores are all part of your pre-season preparation. In season you have to ensure maximum sales and turnover with distribution of extra stock to the right places.

Social Media Moderator: This job entitles a lot of social networking. Social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram will need to be monitored and engaged. You will need to be passionate about the brand, clothes and even pregnancy. Strong communication skills are extremely important to be successful here. 

Motherhood Maternity Application

The most effective way to get the position you are looking for, is to go directly to the correct source. This is made very easy by Motherhood Maternity with online applications that go directly thru to the correct department.

The way of the future is online applications; it makes life easier and eliminates the hassle of driving from company to company to deliver resumes. The key to a successful online application is taking your time and making sure every bit of information is correct.

I would advise you especially double check the contact numbers of your references. Phone them and let them know you have added them as a reference, and they might be contacted.

In preparing for the interview process, choose something that is comfortable as well as stylish to wear. Being uncomfortable in your clothes will show, and it will make you even more nervous.

Have all the relevant documentation ready and with you when you are invited for an interview. Have copies made and place it in a nice folder to leave with the person doing the interview.

Be rested and in charge of yourself and your destiny when entering the interview. 

Things To Know about Motherhood Maternity

The most awesome part of being part of this company is being part of every pregnancy that comes thru the door. Being the one that lightens up someone’s day by making them feel beautiful is the greatest sales incentive possible.

This company makes the headlines regularly with all the celebrity parents that use them and give input on new ranges. Every mom to be would like to feel like a movie star and gets the chance to shine with these targeted ranges.

This company and its associates do their part in helping the disadvantaged and those in need of help. Together with Dignity U Wear, March of Dimes, Philabundance, American Red Cross and Goodwill they provide in many areas of need to the community.

The areas of need they assist in include food and clothes to disaster stricken communities, ensuring healthy pregnancies, feeding schemes and medical care where it is most needed.

Permanent employees get a very good service package and great discounts are available to permanent and temporary employees.