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Since 1975 and for the near forty years that followed, Microsoft has been becoming the established leading international software developer providing resources for technological advancement. The corporation, co-founded by the motivation of Bill Gates, now comprises teams of over one hundred thousand engineers, business strategists, financers, and on-site personnel serving their cause worldwide.

The breadth of services now offered by the computer-driven company to meet consumer and commercial needs goes much further than the household namesake Office Suite, a product offering multiple platforms to aide the everyday work experience.  The developers at Microsoft are responsible for the web browser ‘Internet Explorer’, the search engine ‘Bing’, the internet-based video chat service ‘Skype’, Xbox, all things Windows, the list continues.

Philanthropic interests include providing computer technology education to the youth, an action supported by the company’s publicly stance of cooperation with government efforts to make computer science an essential and necessary component of school curriculums.  As well as, looking towards technology’s place in progressing with sustainable agriculture, investing in non-profit, tech-centered organizations, and funding local art institutions. Through cash grants, employee involvement, and product donation Microsoft uses their platform to spread the usage of technology internationally.

In tradition with the history of advancement-driven goals undertaken by Gates’ once start-up, the now reputable brand strives to continue moving forward with the innovative progress it has thrived on. Spearheading systems that merge computer science with molecular biology in endeavors to successfully edit genes is just one example of the company’s hands-on approach to continue using technology in groundbreaking ways.

Microsoft Interview Questions

What makes you want to work for this organization opposed to a competitor? Having done proper research about the company and other companies in this field is crucial part of answering this question while looking interested and educated on the topic. Paraphrasing the goals of the company and their mission statement is a good path to take while answering this questions. Be careful when comparing this organization to others in their field to compliment their best parts and stay away from negative aspects.

Which do you give more importance to: the money or the work? The money is the motive obviously but not the only important thing because it is directly linked to the work involved. When the quality of the work is high the money will always be there. If the work improves, most likely so will the pay. It is okay to show that money is a motive for yourself as long as you also demonstrate that you are willing to excel at the work to receive those funds.

 What are some lessons you have learned from previous wrongdoings? It is a great skill to give yourself constructive criticism or make yourself look bad on purpose but if you have to do it, might as well also in some way make yourself look good doing it. Saying that you are a perfectionist is a good example of this, it is not something that can be used against you really, the only downside is that maybe you redo certain things until they are to satisfaction or that you may take a little longer doing them.

If you were me, would you hire yourself and why? If said with confidence re stating your qualifications, work ethic, knowledge about the position and company this could be a question that subconsciously already gets you hired for a position, or the opposite. The answer should be yes and explain the biggest reasons why, restating your best attribute and qualifications.

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