Michaels Interview Questions

Michaels ApplicationIf you’re into arts and crafts, or feel that you can help those that enjoy scrapbooking, then you’re perfect for a position with Michael’s. Positions include Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Replenishment Associate, Custom Framer, and Manager.  These are a few top interview questions that are asked during a meeting that typically lasts for thirty minutes.

Michael’s Interview Questions

These questions focus on your retail skills and any crafting skills you may have.

Why would you like to work with Michael’s? Discuss your love for the company and for arts and crafts. Also, remind them that you love customer service and how you will be a great asset.

Do you have any retail experience? If yes, describe the experience you have and what skills will help you in this position. If no, discuss other things you’ve done, volunteering or extra curricular activities, and how they will help.

How would you define customer service? Give an example of when you’ve experienced good customer service and how that has made you better at giving great service. Tell them how important it is to you to help a customer.

What keeps you motivated? Whether it’s your family or personal goals you’ve set, discuss the reason you feel to work hard and how this job will help.

Describe a time you had to deal with a difficult customer. Assuming you have previous work experience, list the steps you took to assist the customer and resolve the situation.

Describe a time where you had to multitask. There will be times where you have to do more than one task at a time. Give them details, work or school related, of how you were able to balance your work.

What are your strengths? Your strengths should focus on your work ethic and what makes you a great employee. Talk about things you’ve learned from other jobs and how that will help you succeed.

What are you weaknesses? Your weaknesses should be a compliment to you. For example, you’re too organized, you can do more than one job at once, or you’re always a little early for work. A weakness isn’t necessarily something that inhibits you from working.

These questions focus mostly on customer service, but you will have an opportunity to sell yourself personality wise.

Interview Tips

Interviews are typically one on one with a hiring manager, with questions about your skills, education, and ability. Michael’s looks to hire someone that is professional yet laid back. Discuss all of your retail experience, assuming you have it, and specify your skills. Working at Michael’s means you may need to work with crafting tools, so they will need to know if you’ve already been trained.

You should also research the company before being interviewed. You will need to have some knowledge of arts and crafts and all of the things Michael’s provides. They are one of the largest crafts stores in the country, and differ from others in what they provide.

Always bring questions of your own. Ask about training, especially when applying for certain departments such as framing. Display your professional nature by speaking clearly, maintaining eye contact, and having good posture.

If you’re into crafting and you feel that you’ll be great for this job, these top interview questions will help you prepare for the interview. They’re usually quick and to the point, so be sure to give as much of yourself as you can.