Mazzio’s Application & Careers


No time to make dinner tonight? No problem!  Mazzio’s is the perfect Italian eatery to save the day.  With close to 150 locations, the company presents a delicious menu to their guests and offers both dine-in and take-out options to fit into anyone’s busy schedule.  With a rich history dating back over fifty years, they have perfected their presentation and continue to provide outstanding service to each of their guests.

Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, the Mazzio’s team oversees their locations spread across the southern Midwestern region.   As the company continues to grow, they are offering opportunities for franchise ownership, both stateside and a few international market areas.  Expect to see additional locations pop up in the near future.  They are also heavily involved in community outreach, and strive to keep quality and value at the forefront of their business strategy.

Pizza, calzones, salads and undeniably delectable desserts are all available on their menu at a reasonable price. At Mazzio’s you are served high quality Italian food at a price that fits your budget.  It’s a place the whole family can enjoy!

With a combination of low prices and great food, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Mazzio’s.  They also offer catering for corporate or large group events.  It’s a great way to say thank you to your employees by hosting a pizza party catered by one of the best Italian eatery’s around.  They will bring in the best food for your group that fits just right with your budget.

Mazzio’s Interview Questions

Where do you find your motivation? Make sure that you convey that you are self-motivated so that the company will not have to make an extra effort to keep you interested and productive in your work. Name some of your inherent qualities like passion, self-expression, or results. Make sure the reasons you are motivated are in line with the company values.

If hired, how long would you see yourself working for us? Do not offer personal timelines or give exact dates. Suggest that you hope to be there for a quite a while and that you hope to participate in a work environment that is mutually beneficial to you and the company. Try not to project any negativity into the future, and instead, describe an optimistic long-term employment with the company without providing details about age-related issues or upcoming life changes.

Describe a time when you performed conflict resolution among your coworkers. To best answer this question, choose one particular issue to discuss and talk about what you did to help settle the discord. Do not bring up any conflicts that you started or in which you participated. Focus only on how you solved the problem and not the issue itself. Steer clear of saying anything negative about the people who were disputing.

What would you look for in the ideal candidate for this job? Make sure you fully understand the description for this job, so that you can accurately describe all of the necessary skills that they require. It is very important that you have all the skills and dimensions to your experience that you would require if you were the interviewer.

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