MAPCO Express Inc Application & Careers

Mapco Express Inc. is a retailing cooperation that operates as a supplement of Delek US Holding Inc. The company is into the merchandise of energy, food, beverages, snacks, pastries, cigarettes and so on.

The company has its headquarter located at 7102 commerce way Brentwood, Tennessee and was founded in 1981. But, the ownership of the company was transferred to one of the largest company in Chile called COPEC (Compañia de Petroleos de Chile) in 2016.

As a matter of fact, the company was recognized by convenience store decision as the convenience chain of the year in 1995. It is one of the largest company that controls several convenience stores in the United States with over 340 energy and convenience stores. With this number of stores, the company has over 1001 employees.

There are provisions made for the benefit of the employees such as health insurance, fertility insurance, pension plan, vacation and time-off on sick days and bereavement, discounts, and employee personal development.

Most people derive pleasure working at Mapco Express because of the professional environment with opportunities for advancement. The benefit provided by the company, socializing Environ, enthusiastic co-workers with a supportive management and meeting new people every day is worth working for by people.


For anyone who is interested in pursuing a career at Mapco Express, one of the requirement is that the person must be eighteen years old except for some higher position that may require some specific qualifications.


The choice of career is one of the most important parts when one decides to work with a corporation. There are different levels of job opportunities available at Mapco Express Inc. which some of them includes:

Fuel delivery driver: A fuel delivery driver make sure that the depth of product in cargo tank is well gauged and the accurate gallons are fully loaded. They are responsible for loading and offloading various cargos and the safe delivery of such cargos to the different locations.

Maintenance technicians: A maintenance technician responds to urgencies pertaining to equipment damages and its usage. They assemble, install and remove equipment base on request. They repair and maintain equipment used in the store and fuel equipment.

Sale associate: A sale associate ensures the cleanliness of the inner and external part of the store. They also ensure the proper arrangement and availability of the products in the store and beverages in the freezers or coolers.

Fuel accountant: A fuel accountant oversees the financial aspect of the company energy store which entails, a collection of payment from customers, collation of all payment on a daily basis, review accounting and ensure accurate balance sheet. They also give financial reports and helps to compose yearly budget as regards to fuel.

Customer service leader: A customer service leader provides help and answers to the curiosity and unfathomable problem of the customers. They help to bring out the best by assisting and building other employees in the store through suggestive selling strategies.

Production artist: A production artist design, produce, print and update advertising materials for the company. They also create Ads for marketing and the likes, initiate online marketing strategies, collect, verify, and upload company files.

Maintenance admin: A maintenance admin checks, upgrade and transfer information that pertains to the admin department between systems. They are also responsible for standard guarantee checks through phones and email.

Food and beverages analyst: A food and beverage analyst collaborate with the food and beverage team to ensure a well-cooked food to standard. They critically analyze profits on food and beverages for sale, what is acceptable to consumers in the general market, and develop strategies to stand out among other restaurants.

Category analyst: A category analyst evaluate category productivity and activities, data to recognize customer trend, and provide the category managers information to help them define, analyze price and build a customer base in the category.

Cashier: A cashier collects payment from the customers and controls the financial transaction of the company. They also calculate and balance payments received from customers on daily basis. They keep and give reports on records of sales to the store manager.


How to apply: For anyone interested in applying for a job at Mapco express, you have to access the company’s website. On the web page, click on a career which will lead you to where you will see ‘‘Apply now’’ Click on it and you will see different categories of available job opportunities.

Note, that the applicant can apply online likewise if he/she choose to apply in-store, it is allowed depends on how convenient it is for the applicant.

For an applicant to fill an application form, the applicant must create an account first, through the company website and if you already have an account, you can log in. Then after that, you can apply for the position of your choice at the career web page where basic information and resume will be required for an upload.

When writing a resume, the resume must portray the applicant’s level of professionalism. It must not be unambiguous and catchy when read by the hirer. The style of writing the resume should be modern, creative and basic.

While preparing for an interview, the applicant should be informed about the past interviews conducted, management, products and policies of the company. The applicant needs to learn the manner of approaches to questions during the interview, good spoken English, and make plans for the dress, and promptness to the interview.


Working in a very productive and fun environment, working as a team, relating with amazing co-workers and interacting with different faces each day is a culture at Mapco Express.

There are varieties of events that have been celebrated by the company such as teacher’s appreciation day, National sandwich day and so on. More so, in 2007, the company launched a convenience store at 5101 Oscar Baxter Blvd, superior to the pre-existing ones.

Like it was earlier stated, the company is known as one of the largest company in the United States with convenient stores located in over 5 states with different regional brands which are; Mapco Express, East coast, fast food and fuel, Mapco Mart, favorite markets, Discount food mart, Delta express and delta express.

The company is engaged in fundraising programs for the health benefit of children and was a huge sponsor of cancer wellness spa’s ovarian cancer. Aside what the customer’s purchases from the company, there are other incentives accrued to them such as discounts, promo, and giveaways combined together in ‘MY REWARD$’ program.