Mandee Application & Careers

MandeeMandee is one of several fashion retail brands operated by YM LLC. Originally a Toronto founded company by the name Stitches, YM LLC now operates primarily on the east coast of the United States and holds headquarters in New Jersey. The fashion conglomerate has been developing its brands for over forty years and reaches a breadth of demographics.

The company manages over seven hundred apparel stores throughout the U.S. and Canada under banners including Urban Planet, Urban Behavior, Annie Sez, and, of course, Mandee. This brand in particular is currently operating in over sixty locations, with expected growth, mostly in the New York tri-state area.

Mandee focuses on appealing to a younger demographic of females, generally between teenaged through mid twenties. The offered inventory selection is trend-pertinent but reasonably priced. The company places emphasis on providing value and style that meet the budget needs of their customer base. Shoppers can find outfits for all occasions, including going out or party wear, work friendly attire, and weekend casual looks. The retailer’s goal is to attract the fashion conscious, youthful client though their selection of stylish tops, dresses, bottoms, and more.

A growing branch of Mandee’s marketing strategy is Internet based. The brand is developing a web presence though social media accounts and activity, online look books where shoppers can get outfits inspirations, and a credit card partnership to maximize their exposure especially to younger viewers. The Mandee credit card offers holders store discounts and rewards correlated to spending and card activity.

Mandee Interview Questions

Would you put the interests of the company above your own? This is a loyalty-based question and the interviewer typically wants to be assured of your dedication and commitment if you are offered the role. The answer should, in most cases, be quick and positive. If you are uncomfortable with replying positively then ask for examples of when it would be applicable.

What would you like me to know about you? The best way to answer this question successfully is to think about what impression you would like to leave with the interviewer. This is often the opening question and will set the tone for what follows. You should list five strengths that are pertinent to the job, experience, skills etc, write them down and practise.

Have you improved your skills in the last year? You should be prepared with specific, work-related examples of what you have done over the course of the last year, as well as anything else that shows self-improvement and forward thinking. Talk about what you are currently doing to gain knowledge and how you would like to improve in the future.

Why should we employ you instead of the other candidates? As with the question, “how do you believe you would benefit our company?” this is your chance to reinforce your suitability for the job. The other candidates will most likely have similar qualifications to yours so tell them about other skills that you have. The question is about confidence so you should answer quickly and without too much thought.

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