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Malaysia Airlines began in October of 1937 as as a small airline operator called Malayan Airways Limited (MAL). The airline was created through a joint venture between Imperial Airways, the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, and the Straits Steamship of Singapore. After the independence of Malaysia, it became Malaysia Airlines in 1964. Information on the Malaysia Airlines application can be found in this article.

The airline began as a local enterprise with only domestic flights but became international quickly. Now, it flies to multiple locations across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. It was the first Southeast Asian airline to fly to South Africa following the apartheid. Kuala Lumpur is its primary hub and connects flights on the Kangaroo Route from Australia to Europe.

Malaysia Airlines has the subsidiaries, MASWings and Firefly. The enterprise also has holdings in other related industries like: aviation engineering, airplane catering, and tour operations. Its headquarters is in Subang, Selangor, of Greater Kuala Lumpur inside the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. In 2012, it announced a route from Kuala Lumpur International and London Heathrow. It started undergoing a business restructuring in 2015.

The company now serves over 850 destinations in 150 countries across the world. There are about 2,400 employed with the airline. In 2013, it became a member of the international alliance of airline companies, oneworld. Malaysia Airlines also has won hundreds of awards over the years for its business operations and service excellence. Some of the awards received include: World’s Best Cabin Crew, World’s Leading Airline to Asia, and 5-Star Airline.

Malaysia Airlines Careers

Malaysia Airlines jobs online include service and corporate employment. Service positions can include: baggage handler, flight attendant, cabin crew, air traffic controller, customer service representative, and pilot. There are also more technical positions such as: aircraft engineer and technician. These can require frequent travel or can be stationed in a number of central locations in Southeast Asia.

Corporate career opportunities can include: human resources expert, lawyer or legal consultant, manager of airport relations/affairs, or project manager. Most corporate level workers will be stationed in the headquarters, but they may also have additional travel for specific projects and responsibilities. The hiring process for both service and corporate positions can be extensive.

How old do you have to be to work at Malaysia Airlines? Careers with Malaysia Airlines require applicants to be a minimum of 18 years old. Some positions like engineering may request advanced degrees from candidates, so the average age for those can be older.

The airline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, employees could work at anytime during the day or night, depending on what department they are in. Online applications are subject to background screening before being considered for a position. The hiring and interview process can be intense due to security and industry standards, but benefits can be ample.

Malaysia Airlines jobs often come with perks like discounted travel for employees and their dependents with other airlines. Free travel to designated destinations when using Malaysia Airlines. In addition, the company has comprehensive medical and health insurance for employees. Vacation, personal days, and other leaves of absence time are generous, in comparison to other airlines that operate in the Asian region.

Malaysia Airlines Job Descriptions

Flight Attendant – Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring that passengers have a comfortable and safe experience. They serve refreshments, snacks, and answer questions that the passengers present. Many airlines require those that apply online or through direct application to undergo flight training. Typical salary is above $30,000 a year.

Pilot – The pilot is responsible for getting the passengers and aircraft from the departure location to the arrival location safely and on time. They are required to have a license and must meet the minimum flying hours, which is in the thousands. Salary for captains can reach as high as above $100,000 annually.

Baggage Handler – Baggage handlers are responsible for safely loading and unloading passenger luggage and other cargo. Belongings are moved from aircraft to baggage pickups and designated spots throughout airports. Training may be required for handlers to operate conveyor belts and machinery to move heavier loads. Pay is above minimum wage.

Flight Dispatcher – The flight dispatcher’s job description is full of the important responsibilities. They are responsible for planning the path of flights, taking into account the climate, conditions, aircraft, and speed. They communicate with pilots to ensure that the flight goes according to schedule and must anticipate any possible problems before they occur. Average salary starts at $16 per hour.

Malaysia Airlines Interview Questions

If asked to interview after submitting a Malaysia Airlines application, here are common questions to expect.

Are you available to relocate or travel for work? Working conditions with airlines often means that employees must travel or relocate to other places. For flight attendant or pilot candidates, this question is very important.

Have you ever been in a high-stress situation, in which you had to react quickly? Careers with Malaysia Airlines can require individuals to react quickly in tough situations. Interviewers ask this question to understand how candidates solve conflict and want honest, specific answers with examples.

Pilot candidates will most likely be asked questions about their flying experience and qualifications. Questions include: How many hours of flying have you completed? What flight certifications and credentials do you have? These questions aim to find out how competent their flying skills are.

Do you speak any other languages? In airports, people from all over the world are traveling. For international flights English is especially important in order to converse and give instructions to passengers. Announcements in the cabin may first be spoken in the native language and then in English.

Baggage handlers may need to lift heavy cargo, so questions about physical limitations may be asked. Interviewers may ask: Are you able to lift 25 kilos or more? Can you operate heavy machinery? It’s important to answer these questions honestly to prevent possible injury.

Advice For Application Process

In order to apply for jobs at Malaysia Airlines, candidates must undergo a criminal and background history. This must be conducted no matter how individuals apply, which could be through a: free application, download application form, printable application form, or an apply online form. Interested individuals can get a printable application for Malaysia Airlines or find out how to apply for Malaysia Airlines online, at their company website.

Individuals can submit a Malaysia Airlines careers online application simply by emailing their resume or sending a link to human resources. They will then be contacted for an interview if they qualify for one of the job opportunities. It is important to arrive to the interview on time and to dress in a suit or dress pants and shirt.

Before the interview, review the job description and responsibilities. Be prepared to provide proof of certification and licenses as needed. The process may consist of a number of phases with multiple interviews. In total, it could take between two and four weeks. It may require applicants to answer questions and demonstrate their skills.

To land a job with the airline, applications should be proofread carefully and applicants should research the company beforehand to become familiar with the responsibilities of a specific role. If accepted for a position, individuals may be notified by phone or email. The company will often ask new employees to undergo training before starting to work.
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