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img- United Airlines ApplicationUnited Airlines, also known as United, a member of Star Alliance was founded in Chicago, Illinois USA last April 26, 1926 as Varney Airlines, which started as an airmail carrier. It was founded by Walter T. Varney, the airline actually commenced in March 28, 1931, serving for over 373 destinations.

Walter T. Varney also founded Varney Speed Lines from which the airlines had originated in Idaho, 1926. Then on 1927 airplane developer William Boeing established his own airline and started to acquire other airmail carriers, and that includes Varney Airlines. A lot of mergers and acquisitions has been made in the earlier years. Making United Airlines the second largest airlines because of the vast number of destinations.

Starting in the 1930s United Airlines became a combination of a number of air carriers, merged in the earlier years and the most recent merger was concerned about Continental Airlines, started to change the focus of both United and the U.S. Air transport market, thus getting a lot of predecessors that formed the present and developed United.

The airlines launched an environmental strategy, an exchange for a paperless operation in flight decks. The management installed 11,000 iPads to all of the pilots. Each iPad weighs less than 1.5 pounds and has replaced approximately 38 pounds of paper for operating manuals, navigation charts, reference handbooks, flight checklists and more in a pilot’s flight bag. For each bag of the pilots has 12,000 sheets of paper per pilot.

United Airlines Careers

The Airlines has developed vastly, operating for hundreds of destinations all over the world and has approximately 84,000 employees, and counting. Providing a lot of job opportunities for all who wants to have a position at United Airlines jobs. You can check the United Airlines jobs on the link provided, and make a United Airlines application. It is a free application so you may check your desired career thoroughly.

There are positions open for hiring, whether it be in airport operations, flight attendants, flight operations/inflight, food service, information technology, reservations, pilots and more. You will be working in a prominent industry, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association. That may improve you professionally, plus you will enjoy the benefits and privileges that are really advantageous.

How old do you have to be to work at United Airlines? There are age requirements that may vary depending on the position in United Airlines careers, but in order for you to work at the company, the minimum age requirement for an applicant is 21 years old.

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The company has quality norms and offers generous recompense, from salary, benefits, and privileges. Employees may enjoy discounts and travel privileges with their family on the reduced-rate travel fees and services. Performance bonuses, retirement benefits, vacation and sick pay, medical, dental and vision insurances, life insurance, employee assistance programs and more. All these will be yours when you apply for jobs at United Airlines.

To get you to some of United Airlines’ careers, check the United Airlines jobs online in their website, you will see there the job descriptions and responsibilities of the jobs available, and make an online application. How to apply for United Airlines online? When you see your desired career, you can click apply now and an application form will need to be filled up then submit.

But if you prefer to have a direct application, still fill up the printable application for United Airlines. Ensure that all fields are answered and download application form. The printable application form is free, when you have the form filled, you can go to the local office near you and apply. You can apply online for convenience, and wait for the hiring manager to contact you.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Flight Attendant – Flight attendants are to instruct and execute important safety guidelines and duties to accommodate and serve passengers/customers. You have to deliver service onboard effectively and efficiently, ensure to comply with the aviation regulations, you have to ensure the comfort and provide the needs of the customers while onboard, prepares and serves their meals, and you have to interact orderly with any unruly and irate customers.

Flight Officer / Pilot – You are in charge of the entire aircraft. You are in charge of assessing the anticipated environment, and identify operational threats or errors that may occur onboard. You are the head inside the aircraft so you have to incorporate information, and develop operational strategies for the safety and effective operation of the aircraft.

Food Service – You’ll be in charge of cooking and preparing the food according to the recipe, standards, and guidelines. You will be in charge in controlling the food wastes and rotates prepared products. Ensures that the work area is sanitized and cleaned, including equipment. Replenish supplies, and performs duties assigned. You must be also be able to prepare and present a menu or cafeteria menu for special functions.

Information Technology – You must be able to deliver quality and effective management for projects, works request and must comply on schedule. Ensures that you know the needs, observes progress, and commits to internal and external service providers. In charge of estimating costs, ensures solutions, organize and maintains performance of any application. You must be able to establish and maintain work relationship with IT and all business teams.

United Airlines Interview Questions

In order for you to prepare for your United Airlines application, here are some few questions you should need to be prepared of.

Tell about yourself. This is an open question for you, the hiring manager is trying to lead you in an open and candid interview. Say something about yourself, educational background, employment background (if you have) achievements and your interests. But don’t be so verbatim, state only the things that will give you an edge to your application.

Why are you interested in becoming a part of our company? Your interest and knowledge in the company is needed in this question. You must conduct a bit of research ahead of time, read the history, culture and operational standards about the establishment. You can also add some of your perspectives in the company, showing your real interest in them.

What do you want to do after several years? This is often asked in an interview to assess the aspirant regarding to his career plans. They are seeking for ambition, they are looking for someone who is willing to grow professionally as the company emerges. Be candid and realistic with your answer, for they will also test your organizational consistency.

Are you willing to travel? And relocation? Since you are entering an aviation industry, you must be willing with changes such as these. Traveling and relocating. They will see your commitment here, because you must be able to adapt to changes, and still be able to do your responsibilities as an employee. You must state and show them your flexibility.

Advice for Application Process

You will and you can get your United Airlines career when you passed the interview and some few norms and tests. But not only are those things important. One must exude confidence and positive attitude towards everything and to everyone, especially when you are being interviewed, your personality is being scrutinize during interview, of how well you are as an employee or as an individual.

Every establishments are looking for people who are talented and ambitious, someone who wants to grow as the company grows. And showing your genuine interest and effectiveness can give you a best start. To start off, you will be asked a few questions during an interview, to see that you are knowledgeable with the company, and you must make some research. That will display your interest.

You will be entering a corporate world and you must look presentable and appropriate. When you are going to an interview, an aspirant must wear appropriate attire for the occasion, you cannot wear something that is revealing or offensive. You must give them the impression that you are decent enough to be in their company, and that you will be an effective employee. Dress smart, act smart.

Prepare important things ahead of time during your application. Make sure that your credentials such as resume and supporting documents, always include your work experience if applicable. So when you are invited for interview, you are prepared, and the hiring manager will find that you are efficient. It will give a good impression to them when you are prepared, because that means that you are really engrossed.
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