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Maid services allow the opportunity for people to have someone come into their home to perform general cleaning duties for them. Not everyone has the unlimited funds to have an onsite maid at all times. These types of companies allow people to receive that previously unattainable service for customers, at a more affordable price.

These positions are very physically demanding. They can offer flexible hours, which is great for people who need to work around a school schedule or for those who are interested in seeking secondary employment. This can also be a great opportunity for those with limited educational experience, as there are opportunities for them.

This can be an equally great opportunity for those people who are first time job seekers. You can gain useful on the job experience in a field like this. This can also be a great field for those people with limited language skills, as it may not be necessary to the job function. This can open up doors for so many people who are seeking employment today.

This field is excellent for most people to find a position in. If you can handle the physical demands of the job and if you love having a change of scenery often during their job, this is a great field for you.

Job Opportunities

Here are some opportunities that one can find within this industry:

Maid/Housekeeper: The maid, sometimes referred to as a “housekeeper”, is responsible for cleaning duties in a client’s household. This position is very physically demanding, involving lifting and kneeling for long periods of time. This includes cleaning using the proper chemicals for the right surfaces. The housekeeper will vacuum and mop the floors. When cleaning floors with tiles, it might be necessary to be on your hands and knees to really get in between the grout on the floor for maximum cleaning. They should be sure that every surface of a customer’s home is cleaned and dusted before leaving. This includes surfaces like baseboards, ceiling fans, and window sills. To clean properly, this might mean moving furniture around to get a thorough clean in the house. If any furniture is moved, it is the maid’s responsibility that everything gets put back where it was before it was moved. The housekeeper will check with the client to ensure they are satisfied with the completion of services. If the customer is unhappy, it is up to them to correct this and do what the customer asks of them. Upon completion of their job, the maid will accept payment from their client. To be a maid in this industry, you will need to have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. It is preferred that the housekeeper has a high school diploma or equivalent. A maid can earn around $9, with room for advancement.

Office assistant: The assistant will handle phone calls that come into the office. They will answer any questions that a potential client might have about the services that their company offers, which means they should have excellent knowledge of these products and services. They quote the client the costs of the services that they are interested in. It is also up to the assistant to help convince potential clients to sign up for services. They schedule services or in-home consultations so the customer can have an accurate quote of precisely the cost of these services for them. They help potential employees with their application and will hand out new employee orientation packets to new hires. They will help these new hires fill out any paperwork that is necessary. The assistant will organize the schedules for the staff. They maintain all of their customer’s files and paperwork. They work as customer service representatives to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their services. A high school diploma or GED is required for this position. An assistant can make around $12 an hour.

Branch Manager: They will run the daily operations of the office that they work. A manager is responsible for hiring and training new employees in accordance with company policies. They need to ensure the employee is aware of any expectations of the company so they can meet them. The manager will fire and discipline staff as necessary. A manager should be well versed in all the aspects of their field, so that they can train the staff properly and fill in when they are short staffed. The manager is responsible for ensuring the inventory is fully stocked, and needs to order more when it is necessary to. They are in charge of the budget of their facility. This means finding the best quality products for the lowest price, so they can maximize profits. A manager will take care of their staff’s payroll. They assist with handling customer complaints and must come to a resolution that satisfies all parties involved. The manager might also stop in while their employee is working to ensure that the job is being completed in accordance with all company policies. To be a manager, it might be preferred that one has a bachelor’s degree. It might also be preferred that they have previous experience in a field like this. A manager can earn around $15 an hour.

Job Outlook

The job growth in this industry is estimated to be at around 11%. This is right on track with the national average of growth across other industries. The reason for this can be a high turnover rate found in this field. People in entry level positions of this field leave after gaining valuable work experience, in order to go onto other careers.


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