Maggie Moo’s Application & Careers

Maggie Moo’s is an ice cream parlor that offers a variety of ice cream flavors.  They also offer mix ins, ice cream cupcakes, smoothies, ice cream pizza, ice cream sandwiches, etc. their ice cream parlor is the best because they offer you a variety of choices.

The company was founded by Juel and Katherine Tillery and they lived in Kansas City, Kansas. The year they opened the first store was in 1989.   The company is a franchise is currently being run by Global Franchise Group since July 2010.

Maggie Moo’s is a franchise so it is hard to know the exact number of stores but there are a lot of them and employees to. This company created the first ice cream cupcake and ice cream pizza. This company won a reward for their unique flavors. They also created the first ice cream sandwich with a flavor from Oreo.

There is a variety of benefits when you are working at this store. Some of the benefits include health, vision, they also offer 401k, and life insurance. They even include disability which is good because if you get hurt the company will still be there to help you out. Some of them offer a spending account to their employees.

The employees love working here for a variety of reasons such as the pay they make good money working here. Another reason why they like working here is because of the work environment. They say it is a fun place to work at. They also love the ice cream the company sells.

How old do you have to be to work there?  

To work here by law, you must be at least 16 years old. Also, according to the law, you will have limitation such as the number of hours you are allowed to work is five. And you can only until 10pm at night this is a good time for young kids to work.

Maggie Moo’s Careers

When you decide to work with this company it is best to have some type of experience. You should also have a good personality when it comes to working with customers. That is one good quality the employer looks for when they are hiring a crew member.

Cashier: This position requires you to work with money and you will handle credit cards and checks. You will take the customer order and assist the customer with any questions or concerns they may have.

Customer Service: This position requires you to help customers by addressing any concerns they may have. You will also be required to making sure the customers are happy and completely satisfied.

Cake Decorator: This position requires you to have experience. You will also be required to designed the cake exactly the way the customer wants it to be. You are also required to make sure the customer is happy and satisfied with their cake.

Ice Cream Server: This position requires you to fix the customer ice cream the way they want it. After you fix it you then serve it to them and make sure they are happy with their ice cream.

Maintenance Person: This position requires you to have experience in fixing ice cream machines. You must also keep the store clean and keep everything in working order. And you will also handle the bathroom and dining area.

Stock Person: This position requires you to keep everything in its place. You must keep everything full and when they run out you must fill it very quickly. And you will keep the stock room in order and you will order the products when they are running low.

Pastry Chef: This position requires you to have experience in making pastries. You must follow all recipes that are given to you. And you must create desserts the way the customer wants them to be fixed. You must make sure the customer is happy with their order.

Delivery Driver: This position requires you to have a valid driver license. And you will have to know your way around town. You also must have a good running car or truck. The company will supply your gas when you have deliveries to make.

Team Members: This position requires you to work with others on a professional level. You must be able to be very nice and polite to the customers and make sure they are satisfied. You must be able to follow the rules to.

Ice Cream Scooper: This position requires you to handle the ice cream. You must fix it normally unless the customer wants it to be different. You must be polite to the customers and make sure they are happy with their ice cream.

Maggie Moo’s Application

The application process is fairly easy and a very simple thing to do. The best way to go is to go to local eatery and fill out an application. When you apply make sure you are truthful and you love interacting with people. If you can hand the application to the hiring manager this can help you tremendously.

You can go online to fill out the application and print it out. However, they prefer that you come in and fill out the application because they will be able to meet you in person.

When you fill out an application you should express your traits. You should also have some type of experience for whatever job position you are applying for. You should also express your skills for whatever job you are applying for. Employers pay close attention to your skills and your experience.

Your resume is a very important part of your getting hired process. Therefore, you should keep it updated always. When you are first creating your resume, you should use some type of grammar and spell check software this will help your resume to stand out.

Your interview is very important because you will learn more about the position you are applying for. It is also important because it will give the potential new employer a chance to learn about you. When going on an interview you should have your own set of questions to ask.

Facts about Maggie Moo’s

The culture of Maggie Moo’s is a very playful and fun environment. This business was created with kids in mind. They choose the name of the company based on the name their daughter called a cow. Plus, they offer some unique products that other ice cream stores never thought about.

As for news, worthy events they created the first ice cream cupcakes. This was special and news because nobody has never done this before. They also created the ice cream pizza which is a very unique way of creating ice cream.

Maggie Moo’s is known for their cupcake ice cream. They are known for their ice cream pizza to. They are also known for their playful environment for the kids.

As for their social they help to save animals with the humane society. They also help people especially the people who was hurt by hurricane Katrina. They also do some walking for breast cancer this is very important because breast is killing a lot of women.