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LongHorn Steakhouse is a chain of casual dining restaurants that has locations in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Qatar, and Malaysia. It is owned by Darden Restaurants Inc. and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA.

In 1981, the company’s first restaurant was opened by George McKerrow Jr. together with his dad in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant slowly expanded and by 1990, they had operations in Puerto Rico, Southwest, Midwest, and the Eastern regions of the US.

In 2014, the chain’s restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi won the company’s Team Excellence award. This was due to the staff’s collective effort to increase customer satisfaction.

Employees who work for the company enjoy discounts when they dine at one of their locations. There is also a health insurance for full-time employees, which has a dental and vision coverage.

They enjoy working for the company because of the competitive salary and the discount they get when they dine at any of Darden’s restaurants. Additionally, they also praise how the company is filled with great people which makes working more enjoyable.

How old do you have to be to work at LongHorn Steakhouse?

The minimum age requirement for an applicant to get accepted for a job at one of the restaurant chain’s establishments is at least 18 years old.

LongHorn Steakhouse Careers

As an equal opportunity employer, the company strives to give fulfilling careers for applicants, regardless of age, sex, religion, and race.

Host: Hosts are stationed at the establishment’s entrance to assist customers from the moment they go into the restaurant to the time they leave. Upon the customers’ entry, the hosts greet them, lead them to their tables and make sure that everything they need is on the table. Hosts are required to be properly groomed and to have a good attitude since they interact with customers.

Line Cook: Line cooks typically work under the supervision of more experienced people like chefs. Once an order is placed, they need to prepare the ingredients and the kitchen equipment that will be needed in making the dishes. Since a kitchen can be a stressful workplace due to different circumstances, the line cooks need to have the patience to deal with this.

Dishwasher: The job of dishwashers is to clean the restaurant’s plates, utensils, and other kitchen equipment. They need to make sure that the equipment is clean, follow the rules and guidelines in sanitation, and to ensure that the customers will have a good and distraction less dining experience.

Server: Servers take the customers’ orders and serve them once the orders are out of the kitchen. While the meals are being prepared, they need to give customers whatever they need such as utensils, drinks, and cutlery. They need to be properly groomed and to have a pleasant attitude since they interact with the customers.

Bartender: Bartenders manage the establishment’s bar. They prepare and mix the customers’ drinks. For bartenders to be good at their job, they need to have a good knowledge of the different kinds of drinks. They need to have a good attitude since they talk to customers and to follow the guidelines in food preparation.

Restaurant Manager: The restaurant manager’s job is to oversee the establishment’s operations. They have a leadership role, so they need to know how to lead the staff and make them do their jobs. Managers check the size of servings, order supplies, and manage stock. If needed, they can also make personnel and business decisions for the benefit of the company.

Culinary Manager: Culinary managers manage the establishment’s kitchen. They plan how the different menu items should be prepared to enhance taste and efficiency. It is their job to ensure that the food preparation team is performing up to par and is following the rules and guidelines in sanitation and food preparation.

Service Manager: Service managers ensure that the customers only get the best dining experience by training and directing the staff to give excellent customer service. They also provide service themselves by asking the customers about their experience and making sure that they are having a good one.

Bar Assistant Manager: Bar assistant managers manage the restaurant’s bar. They oversee if the bar staff is doing their jobs properly and makes sure that the bar is sanitary.

Utility Worker: Utility workers do various jobs. They clean the establishment, do minor repairs, and do any job that is required by the restaurant’s management.

LongHorn Steakhouse Application

Aspiring applicants who would like to get a job at a LongHorn Steakhouse establishment only need to submit a fully filled up application form to one of the company’s restaurants.

For applicants who do not want an in-store application, they can go for an online application. Applicants just need to go to the company’s website and access its careers section.

In filling up the application form, they will have to read the form first and once they are done, they should review their information to avoid any errors.

For the resume, applicants should use a format that will better highlight their credentials. They should also use simple fonts for better readability and adapt the resume for the job they are applying for.

For applicants who are selected to go to a job interview, it is a plus if they dress and act like professionals. If they have time, they should also prepare for the interview questions by researching and doing a practice interview with a friend.

Facts About LongHorn Steakhouse

The company places a lot of emphasis on its culture by making sure that every employee feels valued and appreciated and that everyone can show their individual talent, but also be able to work as a part of the company’s team.

In February 2018, the company opened the first LongHorn Steakhouse in Norman, Oklahoma. The new establishment opened more than 80 job opportunities for the community.

The company is known for the quality and taste of their steaks and for their establishments having a Western/Texan theme.

To help in community waste management, the company uses recycled materials for new restaurants and has a sustainability team whose main job is to recycle and reduce wastes.

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