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Little Caesars Enterprises Inc. is one of the largest pizza food chains in the United States with a net worth of over $135 billion worldwide. As one of the top three pizza places in America, its core menu items include the Classic Cheese and Pepperoni, Ultimate Supreme, Three Meat Pizza and DEEP! DEEP! Dish Detroit-style pizza. Other entrée choices include the Crazy Bread and Italian Cheese Bread with all items sold at a price lower than competing brands.

The story of Little Caesars’s began in Garden City, Michigan when husband and wife Mike and Marian Ilitch founded the first store which was then called Little Caesars’s Pizza Treat. The original pizza serving was then served with a long cardboard that fitted two square pizzas which proved to be a difficult packaging style. The pizza place pioneered the use of a speed cooking oven that made finishing pizza orders at half the time than usual. The company aced its first franchise order in 1962 and experienced phenomenal growth in sales until 1987 when it already had presence in all 50 states. It bagged the “Highest-Rated Chain, value for the Money” title from a survey conducted by Sandlman & Associates in 2017.

As the fastest-growing pizza chains in the United States, the company continues to expand both in country and abroad with over 5,463 existing branches in 50 states of the US and 20 countries and territories across the globe.

The pizza giant built a reputation among workers for providing the most flexibility in work hours and a competitive benefits package. The flexible hours scheme it offers is perfect for part-time workers who are pursuing a college degree among others. The management allows up to an 8-hour weekly work scheme. The company offers health, dental and life insurance as well as a flexible spending account for employees. It has a generous 401(k) plan along with a performance bonus program and a progressive salary scheme that keeps crew members and store staff highly motivated.

Aside from the perks and benefits that the pizza company provides, the company is committed in fostering a healthy environment where work-life balance is achieved. It also nurtures its employees’ personal growth and development with an in-house promotion policy that rewards loyal and exemplary workers.

How old do you have to be to work at Little Caesars?

Depending on state laws, the minimum hiring age is generally at 16 years old. Other positions, however, may require a minimum of 18 years old depending on the skills and experience required by such position.

Little Caesars Careers

Area Supervisor: Area supervisors are in charge of managing the daily operations of a designated area within the store. As supervisor, you will be in a position of leadership who should demonstrate professional qualities and a customer service-oriented attitude. Area supervisors report directly to the general manager.

General Manager: General Managers are given the responsibility to ensure that operations in their designated store are going smooth. General managers are the ones in charge of contacting headquarters for supplies should the store inventory runs short. They will also be the liaison and main point of contact between headquarters and the store crew.

Assistant Manager: The assistant manager supports the general manager in his tasks. Assistant managers may be given the responsibility to oversee actual operations on a daily basis ensuring the quality of products and crew service.

Shift Manager: Shift managers manage and lead crew members and all store staff designated within an 8-hour shift. Shift managers should demonstrate leadership qualities and the highest standards of professionalism.

Crew Member: Crew members make up most of the company’s workforce. Crew members are in charge of creating the highest quality pizza at the customer’s satisfaction.

Sign Dancer/Shakerboarder: Must have a pleasing personality and dancing skills, sign dancers or shakerboarders are stationed around the perimeter outside of the store. Sign dancers play a role in advertising and marketing pizza products to potential walk-in customers.

Administrative: Administrative staff works behind the scenes ensuring that all logistical requirements for operations to go smoothly are done. Depending on the department, administrative staff can also assist the human resources manager in talent development and trainings.

Sales: Staff at the sales department is responsible for the formulation of regular promos and marketing gimmicks that aim to boost store sales.

Manager (Trainee): Managers in the store’s training program will undergo an extensive regime of leadership skills development, human resources workshops and on-the-job tests to develop the skills needed for managerial positions.

Pizza Cook: Pizza cook positions are responsible for creating the delicious pizza meals offered by the store. Cooks are required to exercise the highest quality of sanitary standards compliant with the company’s rules and regulations.

Little Caesars Application

How to Apply? A simple procedure awaits applicants interested in trying out for a position in the company. Visit the careers website of the company and you will be asked first where you are located and where you wish to work. You will also be asked to select a position based on available job offers. The remaining portions of the application will look into your personal background, educational attainment and employment records. 

Application online is available. The company accepts online and in-store applications for all positions available.

Tips for filling application form. The application form is quite straightforward in as far as asking for your job history and education. Avoid putting false answers as this may lead to the immediate disqualification of your submission.

Advice on resume. You won’t be needing CVs and resumes if you’re applying online unless otherwise asked for by company representatives. The online application form has a comprehensive list of questions that the human resources department or store managers would need. 

Advice on interview preparation or process. The initial screening process may take up a couple of days before a company representative contacts you for a callback interview or a job offer depending on the results. Make sure to prepare for the interview – questions generally revolve around your experience in food service industry (if you have any), as well as the reason why you want to work with the company.

Facts about Little Caesars

This pizza place is widely recalled by Americans because of its “Pizza, Pizza!” catchphrase which literally meant an advertising offer of two pizzas with the same price of a single order in competing brands.

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